Thursday, August 19, 2010

All about CLOUDS.. and.. food =D

Did anyone noticed the cloud today??

well today's cloud caught my attention.. not sure why but i love seeing clouds nowadays.. i think india has made me fall in love with clouds as over there.. u can see beautiful clouds with sun's reflection at times.. =D

today's was on my way back from town with my mum.. i noticed the clouds through my mirrors.. its like when i see them i straight go.. "WOW!!" and my focus on the road G O N E! got distracted straight away. it was just.. BEAUTIFUL! =D

haha.. these pictures are not really wat i saw.. cause i cant take pic while driving rite?? already got distracted by it.. somemore wanna talk pic using camera.. sure kena kao kao from my mum.. lol!! but yea.. it was better than wat u see here.. AWESOMELY cool =D oh well.. those memories shall remain in my memory =D

dan tat!! siew pao!! was my food of the day!! it is quite famous in Cheras.. always eat it when i visit my grandparents during the weekends... but i've not been eating it for quite some time.. nono not becuase i dint visit my grandparents.. but my grandfather has shifted to stay with us :D so seldom go there makan all these nice food liao.. its really awesome!!

i still remember last time wanna buy thise siew pao and dan tat.. u gotta LINE UP!! for like almost an hour!! just to get it.. and in that hour. u can see the cpl doing and baking... pouring eggs individually.. beating the eggs. putting to the oven. taking it out.. haha! a lot of work!! but now.. when we go buy from them.. its like 2 youngsters working.. they can afford to leave the business to them d.. super rich rite?!?! haha!!

home cook BAK KUT TEH!!
mum cooked bakkutteh for us.. of course not as nice as the famous ones.. but it was still good.. satisfied!! oh well.. i'm not really a picky person when it comes to food.. as long as it has taste. looks good.. taste moderate.. i'm okay!! lol!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Makan Durian and Char Siew!!!!

1st of all i would like to apologize to my fellow frens.. as this post.. is a NON HALAL post. lol!

CHICKEN RICE!! has always been my fav.. i still remember during younger days.. (yes yes i'm old.. zzz) i always order chicken rice and guess wat i eat?!?!? JUST THE RICE!! lol

anyways!! this time is famous CHAR SIEW stall.. according to my mum.. this place in glenmarie has nice char siew. so we went there..

omg!! FULL!! haha. and yea this guy is basically the guy who chops the pork for us.. and i noticed something.. his hand is constantly at the chopping pace.. as in when he chop.. he will have that frequency.. when he is not chopping.. his hand will still move up down up down.. its like his told his hand to move up down up down form morning to night.. i really wonder wat will happen if he actaully finish his job for the day.. will his hand still move?? hmmmm

oh well.. i'm sry. no time to think of his problem.. its EATING TIME!! muahahahahaha!! char sieW!! its awesome!! super nice !! =D *gosh i'm hungry!*
the rice is awesome too!! dun really noe which stall has the best rice.. but i do noe where got nice siew yuk and char siew.. both stalls are equally awesome!! =D
after lunch...mum tempt me by saying the KING OF ALL FRUITS in MALAYSIA!!


oh my.. its awesome!!! no no not the best durian in the world.. not musang wat not all.. but its still cool!! finally get to eat it =D


now.. this is a magic trick that u guys SHOULD TRY THIS AT HOME =D

dont u guys hate it when u eat durian.. and there is smell in ur breahte?
put drinking water in the husk and DRINK IT!! it kills the smell away!!!!!

dont u guys hate it when u use ur hand and ur hand stinks after that?!?!!?

tada!! magic the u should TRY THIS AT HOME!! lol..

do all the durian lovers agree with me?? KING of fruit is really many functions.. and provides happiness to others.. AWESOME KING!! lol

theory behind the method?? LOL!! i think.. negative times negative.. becomes positive lo? lol!!! i really dunno.. u can try and let me noe if it works on u ? :D

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A day without specs =D

lol! this post hse ntg to do with my title.. maybe just alittle? lol!

yesterday i wore contacts out with my frens. cuase u noe la. nowadays. wanna look good.. dunno for waT? LOL! as a new contact wearer.. i always bring along my specs.. just in case my contact drop or causing trouble. i have spare.. if i dun have spare.. i';m = to blind!!

and BRILLIANT me.. left my specs in Jeremy's car. so i gotta wear contact the whole day today.. which is.. normal gua? hahah! at least i still have my contacts?

oh well.. being back in malaysia is kinda fun.. but at home.. i got to do hse work!!! hahahahaha but seriously.. hse work now is so easy.. *lanci-nya* lol! yea i'm serious.. wash plate?? senang la... hahahaha! i've been doing my own hse work in india.. but the onli thing is.. hse work there is easier cause its just for my self. now i gotta clean the whole hse. as in sweeping and all.. but.. yea.. usually i'll have back pain after sweeping or washing dishes.. but now.. no problemo!! I WAN MORE!! nah.. just kidding.. lol!

becoming a driver is fun too!!! seriously!! 4 mths no drive.. now i drive EVERYDAY!! but sad la.. no more manual car for me to play.. gotta drive auto.. oh least i can drive =D many of my frens becoming permanent drivers liao. i'm still stuck at p!! haha but good also la. ppl wont bully P drivers wan rite? :D

gosh!!!! holidays is gonna end soon!! lol 3 days gone liao!!!! sobs.. time is flying even faster when i;m in malaysia!!!

gosh do i miss india?!?! hahahaha abit gua? i dunno.. maybe not at all.. k la enough of crapping!!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Panda's Bday =D

Panda's Bday was so gam during my holidays. cuase i think my uni noe's i love panda too much?? :D so they wan me to celebrate his bday with him. hahaa

it was planned by his fellow uni mate, and of course.. piku pei wern. lol!! wopps not suppose to call her that.. by PEI WERN. haha!

ker han came down and meet us.. according to him. he told jeremy he going to LIBRARY!! and jeremy believed him.. oh well.. =D

this is funny!! cuase xinyu was suppose to bring him down. and i told her to miss call me when u all going in the lift.. so she did.. and we saw one lift from lvl 3( from where they ar) coming down. so we get ready our position. all the DSLR's lining up and CANON camera. lol!


doorr slowly open...


nobody inside.. LOL!! We were like KADAVELE!!! NEXT LIFT NEXT LIFT!! cuase it was from lvl 3 also. haha! and tada!! panda was there =D of course SHOCKED.. but he claimed he knew it.. hahaha! thats wat they all say =D
sang bday song for him.. blowing the cake.. eewww.. ur saliva!!! lol! jk jk =D
haiz. as always.. *onli got one cake ar? i wan more!!!* LOL!!! (i tokok tambah-ing)

still shock.. dunno whether to sit or stand to eat his cake. lol!!! anyways wat his holding?? OUR BDAY PRESENT =D
haiz kh kh. .always cannot cut cheese cake properly. thought the 2nd time u will be more pro.. lol!! anyways. thanks for cutting =D
after stonning at the cafeteria of IMU.. we went MIDVALLEY for a movie and dinner =D

i ATE MAC D WEI!!! can u believe it?!?! MAC D!!!! after 4 mths not eating it.. i'm finally eating mac d.. gosh.missed it.. haha!
the G1 gang..except for CHEE FONG!! kesian him. got to fetch sis around.. and Lynn who is in Indonesia =D niceeee picccc!!
ask d bday boy wat to eat.. and guess wat he said?!?!!?

ANYTHING!!! zzz..

seriously.. businessman / women.. u all can start a restaurant call ANYTHING.. 100% alot business. lol!
kh rescue us by suggesting LITTLE PENANG KAFE.

the food was served SUPER FAST-ly. lol! my eng gone d man. haha! ermm it was.. okay.. not too bad =D

another group pic.. haiz.. my gang always got more guys than girls wan. SIEN MAN!! hahahahah

anyways we watch TEKKEN.. it some fighting movie. not that bad.. quite cool.. some part.. haha
EMO-ing. .cuase they gonna say good bye to me d rite? cannot see me d rite? hahahaha!!
bday boy!! speeding!! cheh no la. he very guai.. FOLLOW the speed limit. =D bday boy become our driver. lol!

anyways panda. hope u enjoyed ur day =D i surely enjoyed my time with u all =D



yup yups yups!!i'm having my holiday break now :D gosh!! its been 4 mths since i went INDIA and i can proudly say its been 4 mths since i last blogged... PROPERLY!! hahahahahaha..

anyways.. i shall not talk bout my time traveling from Salem to Trichy.. cause its mainly just me.. SLEEPING!! hahaha..

after Arriving in LCCT. i went makan and to my surprise. i meet Yih Ming and Josephine.. my fellow batch 9 mates :D and staight got a hair cut.. which turns out to be... erm... weird? lol!! so kiddish!!!

anyways. i did not tell many ppl the exact date i'm coming back. so i decided to give them a surprice!!!

1st up! i meet my High Skul Frens.. also known as SHADES =D secret gang.. careful.. dun mess with us.. lol!!! so i team up with...

IMAN DANIEL!!! handsome kan ? :D
he told me everyone was in there.. i was like.. omg.. how to go in la?? he say JUST WALK IN NI!! i was like.. hmmmm.. okay.. but i couldnt!!! so i decided to use the other entrance.. once i entered i quickly cover my face with the camera and took their pictures..

there they ar!! my fellow shades gang :D except for JERRENN!! who is in ADELAIDE and 2 STPM-ers. bin and jia wei that is bz preparing for their examination by going to tuition :D

almost all was shocked. except for a few. like yy? according to her.. she KNEW it already. cuase we meet up in a SUNDAY night.. 9 PM!! hahahaha.. so everyone was like.. huh why so weird wan the timing..and according to Iman.. they all duwan come out wan wei!! hahahahahaha!!

so yea we chatted.. gosh. everybody changed d!!! hahahahah.. but yea. glad to meet them :D

Bin's Bday cake!!
comeon.. always proper cake.. bosan la kan?? have la some other thing to replace a cake :D

we decided to celebrate bin's bday cause his trials coming soon.. s0 kacau him one night be4 his exam lo.. hope u enjoyed it!! and sry la came in so late =D

happy 19th bday!! =D

whee.. blogging is so fun!! hahaha must blog more!! =D anyways it was glad to meet the shades!!! WE ARE THE SHADES~!!! =D

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


gosh! stress stress stress!

i always say blog can help in release stress.. is it true?!?!! well i will noe the answer after i press PUBLISH POST later.. haah!

anyways.. this 2 week is SICK!! like seriously! almost everyday have something on.. not EXAM means got to pass up some hw.. gosh. will this ever end? or it will continue until i finish my course.. if this continues.. i really thinkk.. i'll....!

ahh.. having a test tmr.. to be honest.. not ready AT ALL.. so yea. blog to release stress.. gosh so not helping! hahahaha

k la.. duwan to talk to my self here d.. hopefully will have a nice post again soon.. i really hope the SOON is soon! not india's timing soon.. LOL!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

lost touch!

blogging? huh? what? i've a blog?

LOL! darn.. how to blog d ar? i really lost touch liao!! sooooo long nvr blog d man.. gosh..

anyway.. life in INDIA.. is awesome! :D but these few weeeks abit bz lo. got ALOT and ALOT of exam.. SAM is tough? hmm.. kinda easy lo? LOL!! well thats wat we always say when we go to a higher education lvl.. upsr, pmr, spm.. zzz EASY LA!!! but when we are at that stage.. its FREAKING HARD~!! rite rite? LOL~!

anyways if i happen to blog also.. doubt any pic will be posted.. cause uploading one photo will take quite some time.. so i TRY to TALK here and u guys see the pic through facebook ya :D

anwyays hope everyone is doing well back there.. keep in touch!! :D