Thursday, August 19, 2010

All about CLOUDS.. and.. food =D

Did anyone noticed the cloud today??

well today's cloud caught my attention.. not sure why but i love seeing clouds nowadays.. i think india has made me fall in love with clouds as over there.. u can see beautiful clouds with sun's reflection at times.. =D

today's was on my way back from town with my mum.. i noticed the clouds through my mirrors.. its like when i see them i straight go.. "WOW!!" and my focus on the road G O N E! got distracted straight away. it was just.. BEAUTIFUL! =D

haha.. these pictures are not really wat i saw.. cause i cant take pic while driving rite?? already got distracted by it.. somemore wanna talk pic using camera.. sure kena kao kao from my mum.. lol!! but yea.. it was better than wat u see here.. AWESOMELY cool =D oh well.. those memories shall remain in my memory =D

dan tat!! siew pao!! was my food of the day!! it is quite famous in Cheras.. always eat it when i visit my grandparents during the weekends... but i've not been eating it for quite some time.. nono not becuase i dint visit my grandparents.. but my grandfather has shifted to stay with us :D so seldom go there makan all these nice food liao.. its really awesome!!

i still remember last time wanna buy thise siew pao and dan tat.. u gotta LINE UP!! for like almost an hour!! just to get it.. and in that hour. u can see the cpl doing and baking... pouring eggs individually.. beating the eggs. putting to the oven. taking it out.. haha! a lot of work!! but now.. when we go buy from them.. its like 2 youngsters working.. they can afford to leave the business to them d.. super rich rite?!?! haha!!

home cook BAK KUT TEH!!
mum cooked bakkutteh for us.. of course not as nice as the famous ones.. but it was still good.. satisfied!! oh well.. i'm not really a picky person when it comes to food.. as long as it has taste. looks good.. taste moderate.. i'm okay!! lol!