Monday, August 16, 2010

Panda's Bday =D

Panda's Bday was so gam during my holidays. cuase i think my uni noe's i love panda too much?? :D so they wan me to celebrate his bday with him. hahaa

it was planned by his fellow uni mate, and of course.. piku pei wern. lol!! wopps not suppose to call her that.. by PEI WERN. haha!

ker han came down and meet us.. according to him. he told jeremy he going to LIBRARY!! and jeremy believed him.. oh well.. =D

this is funny!! cuase xinyu was suppose to bring him down. and i told her to miss call me when u all going in the lift.. so she did.. and we saw one lift from lvl 3( from where they ar) coming down. so we get ready our position. all the DSLR's lining up and CANON camera. lol!


doorr slowly open...


nobody inside.. LOL!! We were like KADAVELE!!! NEXT LIFT NEXT LIFT!! cuase it was from lvl 3 also. haha! and tada!! panda was there =D of course SHOCKED.. but he claimed he knew it.. hahaha! thats wat they all say =D
sang bday song for him.. blowing the cake.. eewww.. ur saliva!!! lol! jk jk =D
haiz. as always.. *onli got one cake ar? i wan more!!!* LOL!!! (i tokok tambah-ing)

still shock.. dunno whether to sit or stand to eat his cake. lol!!! anyways wat his holding?? OUR BDAY PRESENT =D
haiz kh kh. .always cannot cut cheese cake properly. thought the 2nd time u will be more pro.. lol!! anyways. thanks for cutting =D
after stonning at the cafeteria of IMU.. we went MIDVALLEY for a movie and dinner =D

i ATE MAC D WEI!!! can u believe it?!?! MAC D!!!! after 4 mths not eating it.. i'm finally eating mac d.. gosh.missed it.. haha!
the G1 gang..except for CHEE FONG!! kesian him. got to fetch sis around.. and Lynn who is in Indonesia =D niceeee picccc!!
ask d bday boy wat to eat.. and guess wat he said?!?!!?

ANYTHING!!! zzz..

seriously.. businessman / women.. u all can start a restaurant call ANYTHING.. 100% alot business. lol!
kh rescue us by suggesting LITTLE PENANG KAFE.

the food was served SUPER FAST-ly. lol! my eng gone d man. haha! ermm it was.. okay.. not too bad =D

another group pic.. haiz.. my gang always got more guys than girls wan. SIEN MAN!! hahahahah

anyways we watch TEKKEN.. it some fighting movie. not that bad.. quite cool.. some part.. haha
EMO-ing. .cuase they gonna say good bye to me d rite? cannot see me d rite? hahahaha!!
bday boy!! speeding!! cheh no la. he very guai.. FOLLOW the speed limit. =D bday boy become our driver. lol!

anyways panda. hope u enjoyed ur day =D i surely enjoyed my time with u all =D


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