Saturday, February 6, 2010


Finally.. I'm Home! after 6 weeks being away from My HOME GROUND!

anyways.. it was pretty fun.. Perth is not.. N O T!! a boring place to visit..


haha.. plane flight was obviously tiring..seriously.. dunno why the chair cannot be slanted.. so uncomfortable.. ANYWAY!! this time i was accompanied.. thank gOD! if not it will be another boring ride on the air plane.. =D

What i notice that is diff between PERTH and MALAYSIA?

well.. obviously the ppl? haha! they Guai Lou.. We ASIANS! haha..

seriously.. they are HUGE! huge as in big.. not like fat or something but they are like.. huge..

for example! their 15 year old kid look like 18 years old kid... haha!

100plus! is RARE in Perth.. unlike how u see it in Malaysia.. 100plus is like.. huh? too the Aussies=D

ART! it is ART! its not vandalism! and seriously.. the ppl who draw it are really talented.. okay.. this pic might not convince u.. but there are some which are REALLY NICE!! but i cant find the pic.. lol! according to my sis.. they actually have a company where ppl call to just draw... they will come to the office with uniform and start "vandalising" lol! i find it good as it can increase job opportunities.. =D

lol! this guy supper awesome! i assume it was too hot.. haha he coundn't take it.. sat out side.. really dangerous.. but cool! haha i hope he dont see this here man!

LOL! (18 SX!!) a girl is holding that "THING!" its actaully a party.. i forgotten wat is it called.. but its for LADIES who is going to married.. their LAST PARTY! so they play play.. with all these stuffs be4 they get married.. cool rite? LOL! it seems guys have this party too.. i wonder wat will they hold?? hmmm.. hahaha!

RIVER! LAKE! they are ALL OVER PERTH! its like mostly covered by it.. SWAN RIVER especially.. like tapao the whole Perth City.. quite cool la.. banyak habitat man.. =D

GOSH! THEIR TRAIN!! SUPER EFFICIENT!! haha.. i;m sure i said that be4.. but seriously.. damn efficient wei... jealous man! hahahah! no offence MALAYSIA! we still BOLEH! =D

RED BULL! haha.. diff pakaging huh? but i think its the same.. definitely an energy drink =D

TREES!! seriously.. the trees here are unique.. unique as in their BARK, SHAPE and all.. they grow in a funny/weird/ cool shape.. like this.. cool? haha! i love their trees there.. i wonder why.. we are tropical country..but we seldom see these kind of trees around.. sad!! semua kena potong :(

hmm.. their buildings.. abit unique also.. rite? =D

wohoo!! bubble teA! siao man.. super big lo the shop.. just BUBBLE tea.. but they buat besar besar.. super cool..

lol.. told u guys abt this be4 rite? =D
anyways.. the sun here rise super early man.. everytime i wake up.. i will think i;m late cause it looks like 9am.. but its actually 6am.. LOL!
and yea.. shopping mall closes early..
yup.. i think thats abt it? haha! its awesome =D

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