Friday, October 23, 2009

Journey as a SAM student

5th January 2009, it was the start of a WHOLE NEW YEAR.. As on that day.. it was the 1st time i officially steped in Taylor's University College as a status of a STUDENT..

more specific


(before i all G1-ians..hope u guys will read it till the end =D ESP THE LAST PART!! or rather JUST THE LAST PART!!)

So yea.. the 5th Jan was really THE START OF SOMETHING NEW =D

it was ORIENTATION DAY for all SAM students.. i still remember i was like a noob.. there were thousands and thousands of people walking around.. and seriously i was lost.. i decided to find my ex-skul mates.. so i found Jeremy Loo and Cheah Peng Han..

walk walk walk.. we were told that we can see wat class we will be in in the cafeteria.. so we were heading there and suddenly..


lol.. we took the map that they gave us.. and found out where was it and we were searching high and low for our names..FINALLY!! i found my name in THIS MAGICAL CLASS.. the class which is SO AWESOME with SO many AWESOME PPL...


so yea.. went to MPH listen to the EAGLE TALK.. haha!! and finally we were asked to go to our own class..and i still remember.. it was C16!! all my classmates were there.. and to be honest with u all.. i was like.. WHAT?!?!?! THIS ARE THE PEOPLE I'M GONNA LIVE WITH?!?! for the whole YEAR?!?!?(forgive me)

i walked passed the whole row..alittle shy.. dint wanna really look at everyone's face just walk until the other end..and i remember the 1st person i talked to.. it was KJ!! our CLASS REPRESENTATIVE!! he was funny..asked for our names and numbers.. very frenly...

After that ntg much till Ms Banu.. our class mentor came..we went in the class and we were all seated in the AIR COND room..AIR COND!!!! super awesome.. haha! she started introducing her self and gave us our STUDENT ID!! which i look really RETARDED!! lol..

After few days.. our class grew bigger.. 3 person came our class.. on the 2nd day.. Cheah Peng Han came in.. and on the 3rd.. Peng Han Hwa and Chin Khee Zhao came in... at that time.. it was the 29 of us..quite big huh? it was fantastic! =D

For the 1st few weeks, i've got to admit i wasn't really mixing around.. everytime its just Peng Han, Jeremy and I.. lunch.. the 3 of us.. sitting.. the 3 of us.. everything the 3 of us.. i was actaully pissed with my self for being so anti-social.. but when the next day comes, i repeat the SAME THING! just the 3 of us.. but slowly our group grew...

Han Hwa, Danny, Nic started joining us =D
(good choice LOL!!)

and it was like that until SAM FIESTA!!!

Remember this pic man..

WOHOOO! cheerleading!! lol..

Human pyramid..LOL!

From here onwards.. everyone was MORE CLOSELY RELATED =D seriously SAM FIESTA WAS THE CATALYST!! thanks Mr President Hiew Khye Yuh

Next catalyst was AFTER MID-TERN EXAM!!

Siva trying to start the fire..super chun wei!! without him.. no firE!! LOL


This bbq party was kinda fun.. although it wasn't really VERY good.. but we all had fun.. right?
i still remember everyone was cursing cuase the coal wasn't really working.. AND WE SWAM AFTER THAT!! super awesome.. and made so much noice.. hahA! kesian the ACC students.. supposed to study!! =D sorry lar.. G1 man.. hard to shut us up =D

Those 2 activities i felt was the BEST times we had so far out side class.. OBVIOUSLY there were more fun stuffs in class =D also not to forget the many bday parties we celebrated..pyramid outing we had.. movies we watched.. trip we went..CHARITY DRIVE WE STRIVED HARD!! and many more.. to much to mention here but the activities that made us close were SAM fiesta and the BBQ.. thats wat i think =D

well after this mid term.. quite sad la.. our class left 23ppl..

6 ppl left the class..... :(

Agnes, Alwyn, Danny, Peng Han, Nic, Vinci
They left us to further their studies else where as it is cheaper and more suitable for them..


So G1 continued.. as happy as always.. as noisy as always.. as crazy as EVER!

and we wont be like how we are now because of this 5 people...

They are my teachers.. OUR teachers.. they are super duper wopper dedicated.. without them.. i seriously dunno wat am i now...

whether u all will read this or not.. i would like to really
THANK U ALL for teaching me and US for this 10 months.. we are really greatful to have u as our Lecturers in Taylor's university college..
THANKS ALOT! and SORRY if we have not been behaving or offended u all anytime of the day through out the year =D

Now, to my fellow G1 classmates....

First of all, i would like to apologise to EVERYONE if i've ever offended u or something like that..i noe my mouth sometimes is very POISONOUS and evil.. but i NEVER MEANT it..its just me as i always like to "zha" ppl..its my way of interacting with u guys and i hope u guys dun mind it.. REALLY SORRY IF I'VE EVER HURT UR FEELINGS!!!

Next, I'm really really GREATFUL to have u all as my classmates.. remember wat i said at the begining?? asking my self "WHAT?!?! how am i gonna live with this ppl for the whole year??" I WAS TOTALLY WRONG!! u guys ROCK!! seriously VERY FAMILY like..stepping into Taylor's University Collge is something very normal.. but STEPPING INTO G1 is SOMETHING VERY UNIQUE and SPECIAL!! thank u ALL so much for spending ur precious 10 months with me and i really hope u guys also enjoy EVERY MOMENT with me..(hope my lameness dint detriorate ur THINKING SKILLS but improve it as it was a stress reliever)
Lastly, I WISH U ALL THE BEST IN UR SACE FINALS!! we wont be sitting together like how we normally do.. we will be all over the campus... but no matter wat.. we are STILL THE G1 SINCE 5th JANUARY 2009!!! also.. ALL THE BEST IN UR FUTURE!! everyone in this class is seriously super potential.. future doctors, pharmist, dentist, bio tech and many more..GOOD LUCK!!!

Make sure we keep in touch k?? =D


Just love this pic.. how nice if everyone was there.. haha!! compare to sam fiesta.. everyone looked so diff!!

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