Thursday, October 1, 2009


WoW.. wat a day.. full of Adrenaline rush.. this is becuase we had AUDITION today.. for PROM.. =D yup my 1st ever audition i;ve ever tried and my 1st ever BAND i've ever FORMED!! so cooled!!

we are known as... THUPERTHAR!!! yup thats our group name.. unique rite?? AWESOME-ness rite? =D anyways.. our group consist of :-

Vocalist - RAIFANA
Pianist - Sharlene
Guitarist - Ker Han
Drumer - ME!!

to be honest..i;m the noobest and the most LEAST knowledge about music in the team.. it all started after our class Mentor Mrs Banu announce about the audition weeks ago.. then Raifana was eager to join and asked me if i noe anyone that can play drum... so i was like ME!! haha... then she was like.. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... seriously lar...

i was like.. WHAT!! look down on me lar now.. i use to play drum for my BAND during primary... then she was like.. really??and told me she wanna perform during prom and wanna form a band.. so she asked me if i was interested.. i said.. CAN TRY LAR =D

so yea.. 2 of us.. inside the band liao.. then we started recruiting the other 2... actually 3... plus lynn.. but she couldnt make if for the practice and dint wanan join anymore so we switched placing abit.. but it turns out to be A- OKAY!

so far we had 3 practice.. AND SERIOUSLY!! THE 1st wan SUCK LIKE HELL!! hahahaha... damn messy.. esp me.. super duper wooper noob.. i was like.. cham lor.. but they SUPPORT ME!! say can wan.. go home train.. so i did.. train on air.. hitting the air as i do not own a drum set.. TADA!! 2nd prac was better.. *phew*.. 3rd prac.. we ALL ROCK!! super chun la i feel.. for someone who does not have any band experience.. all of us never really have a band be4.. we manage to play the song.. SO COOL!!!

so yea.. today's audtion.. it was about 4 we were suppose to meet the person-in-charge.. but due to some problem..we can only start after 430.. so we waited for our turn NERVOUSLY!!

there were 2 groups before us.. one went it... after few tries came out and say the piano SUCKS!! we were like.. NOOO!!! piano is like the most important thing.. but its okay.. we decided to just try when its our turn... 2nd group went in.. WAH LIAO!! DRUMMER SUPER PRO!!!! i was like SHIT!! i dun even have half of his skills.. KANTOI LOR!!! FINALLY it was our turn.. NERVOUS!! trembelling.. went to the drum set.. i was like.. O M G!!!

the drums i used from shar's house compare to that is totally different!!! more complex and looks more awesome.. but definitely not for me.. as they were tOO much to hit!! hahaha but we have a few min try out.. we tried and i got everything all set.. PHEW!! so we started....


lol!! finally we finish.. wasn't that long.. about 3 minutes.. DONE.. yup just one song.. all damn delighted.. finally its OVER!! but got one bad news.. got 5 teams.. onli 2 will get through.. AHH!! stress...

after that we walk back to our college.. we remember we dint take VID!! WE WeRE LIKE.. *TOOT*!!! somemore i ask shar bring her camera!!!! and we have Huilynn and Xinyu there that SUPPORTED US.. and we dint make use of them by asking them to help us record... DAMN IT LAR!!!! wasted wei... haiz!! SIEN WEI!!!

oh well.. hopefully results will favour us =D

another long and boring blog.. haha!! i suppose this will be the last post be4 my finals.. cant spend too much time here liao.. sayonara for long!!


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