Monday, November 16, 2009

Mua 18th Birthday =D

Wheee.. i'm 18 already.. i'm 18 already.. (damn.. this intro doesn't really sound like i'm 18!)
ANYWAYS!! ya man.. i'm finally 18.. gosh.. super duper long wei.. but actaully also good lar.. i get older later than my other frens.. HAHAHA!! and seriously.. i dun think i have the 18 years old look and character.. DAMN!!
anyways i had an awesome surprise by my G1 mates.. U GUYS ROCK!! THANKS ALOT WEI!!!
it all started in Sharlene's house where we were JAMMING.. and suddenly.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U!! haha i dint suspect it AT ALL.. but few minutes before they really AMBUSHED in.. i suspected a little.. WHY???
No. 1
cuase i started to find Rai, Shar, Kh to be a little ackward.. ESP RAI!!! hahah but dun blame her.. she was quite good in denying =D but towards the end there i was like quite tired d.. and normally we chow abt 5 or be4.. but that time it was ALMOST 6!!! so i was like.. Okay.. this is weird..
No. 2
KH AND RAI WAS SO WELL DRESSED!!! hahahaha... of course shar wasn't at 1st since it was her house.. she changed after that.. LOL! and yea.. kh and rai were very very well dressed up.. UNLIKE SOMEONE!! so i suspected a little.. thinking hard and try not to be perasaan.. ahaha!!
and slowly i think back wat happend a few days be4.. and i was like.. SHIT!! it might be true!!
No. 3
i recalled wat Ms LIM XINYU said to me.. cuase that time i planned to go yam cha and i asked her if she wanna go or not.. then she was like..cannot not free..
me: oh like that la.. duwan see me.. fine lorr..
Xinyu: no la.. today bz mar.. going out later..
me: HAIZ.. nvm la..
me: OKAY! (woops.. i not yet belanja.. HAHA!)
so yea.. she actually HINTED me be4.. but i obviously dint get it until i started to be perasaan in Shar's house..
No. 4
This Mr Peng Han Hwa say SEE U DURING PROM!!
i was like.. wah.. fine la.. duwan see me d.. HAIZ!! k lo.. nvm nvm.. hahaha..
NOW I NOE HE WAS making me not to suspect.. DAMN! lol
No. 5
FOR THE 1st TIME!! my mum was like..
mum: u wearing like that to ur frens house ar??
me: yea.. why??
mum: so ugly
me: ai ya.. ntg wan la.. going fren hse ni mar.. not girlfriend also.. wokie.. i go 1st bb....
AND FINALLY GUESS WAT!! i was soooo under dressed compare to my other classmates.. so i think.. nvm la... not going anywhere far gua? maybe just near by?
"OKAY LETS GO MIDVALLEY" says someone.. i was like.. WHAT!! no way!! :( :( .. hahaha!!
so yea.. after the shock.. i stunned a while and yea.. sat kerhan's car to Midvalley...
guess where my beloved G1 mates brought me??
( i dun get it.. it was a sunday!!)
that time my brain was like thinking and refreshing back wat happen to all the bday parties i went to in TGIF... seriously.. i've alwyas been to PPL's party in TGIF and enjoyed it very much cuase the poor bday boy or girl kena bully kao kao.. and me sit at the side enjoy.. NOW!! IT WAS MY TURN!! DAMN RITE? haha!
*no place no place no place no place no place*
that wat i've been repeating from the car park to the restaurant... but haiz.. duwan to be a wet blanket.. ONE HOUR PLUS PLUS also we wait.. haha!
and yea.. the party was fun.. they made me do all those stufss as usual.. SORRY MATES!! no picture.. SEE IN FACEBOOK!! got a vid also.. 8 min long i heard.. hahaha!!
THANKS ALOT G1-ians!! really enjoyed my day =D
AND NOW *drum rolls* its time for *another rolls* My Bday Celebration with FAMILY!!!
Tada! this was where we went.. ermm.. its in Kelana Jaya.. (jeremy should noe)
i had LAMB SHANK!!! wheee.. super nice wei.. and ALOT OF GRAVY!! yumm yumm =D
MUD CAKE!!! TGIF that time forgotten to eat.. so come this place and try..
WEI!! not bad man.. HAHA!! can fight with TGIF!! hahahahaha..
(do i look weird without specs?? HAHA!)
mmmmmmm... YUMMY!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! hahahaha
TY DADDY AND MUMMY for such a wonderful and "romantic" dinner.. haha!!
TY grandpa for having such a wonderful dinner with me =D
and now.. one of the most memalukan news...

LOL!!! remember me saying my lamb ada banyak gravy?? tu la.. kena baju dah.. haiz!!

18 YEARS OLD!!??!?!?!

(who will believe wei?? patutla no GF!!)

we are family! too bad sis and bro not here.. and of course.. HER! but she's always around us.. i noe that =D

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