Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lynn's and Hwa's Bday =D

Haiz! plan spoil! haha.. not the surprise.. but the EVENTS!

1st.. we decided to go YUEN steamboat buffet for dinner since it is CHEAP and not too bad the food.. so after confirming the number of ppl coming i called and make a booking as YUEN is a place where u better book be4 u cry! haha

"ring ring" "ring ring"
hello! this is yuen restaurant. how can i help u?
Erm.. i would like to book for tmr night..
Sorry.. we are CLOSED TOMORROW..

ZZZZZZZZZZZZ!! nvm i asked suggestions and KH suggested HOTPOT
(something similar to YUEN) k lo settle!

TODAY! we actually planned to play BOWLING cause we never play bowling together be4.. so we meet at abt 5-ish and GUESS WAT! no bowling lanes until SUNDAY.. i heard Shar telling me that on the phone.. i wanted to ejek her d.. "eh hello today its tuesday" then she continued saying they have TOURNAMENT!


fine lo! since we are still early.. we went to POOL side.. and guess wat!
FULL! all pool table are occupied (not swimming pool ya? LOL!)

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! once more!

FINALLY! we went to a place where we can spare some time.. ARCADE!!

can say almost half an hour? we spend out time in this game.. hahaha! really stupid game i shall say.. but kinda fun and kan cheong type.. gosh! all our money SPEND HERE!!! GG man! but yea.. we manage to finally do something! =D
yup! that was introduction! now to main point..


p/s: its a surprise for han hwa.. and o m g! lots of funny thing happend wei! (shall not mention it here be4 it gets toooo boring)

March Babies in SAM G1 2009!

our bday present to them! "ahem" han hwa holding my "formal shirt" lol!
ppl who attended =D

TONY ROMA's MAN! awesome not! haha!

me and the bday boy.. in advance.. haha! bday girl chow too early forgotten to take one with her.. HAIZ!
bday boy 10 hours shoe.. BLACK D! hahaha!

There goes another night.. gosh.. time is flying! and i'll be flying soon? haha!
"heart beating faster and faster!"

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