Saturday, March 20, 2010

Neway! Badminton! and PS2!!

wow! wat a wonderful Saturday for me!! =D well not everything is fully wonderful but yea.. i shall just share things that are WONDERFUL with u guys =D

KARAOKE!(kala ok) was the fun event that KICK START our day..

of course.. jeremy eating.. again.. well how can i not post this photo up? LOL!! jeremy jk ya? lol!

this was like just few mins after he come in.. haiz! it was BUFFET lunch.. and its inclusive in our package.. so jeremy cannot tahan? LOL!

i really pity this room.. got to endure our "lousy" voice.. haha! sry ya! =D

1st half an hour.. everyone shy shy.. passing the mic around.. LOL! sing soft soft.. SO BORING!
half an hour later! lol! all cannot tahan d.. stand up.. LOL!! thanks to a few "childhood" songs!
from singers like WESTLIFE, BACKSTREEPBOYS.NSYNC.. made us all pumped up and stood up to SING! =D

Group photo =D suppose to have CCF.. again FFK us.. HAIZ!

anyways.. super cool! we were suppose to sing until 2! but!! we came out at about 3 plus! lol!! NEWAY ROCKS WEI! let us sing extra.. so cool! definitely go back there the nxt time i wanna cheong K.. but i also seldom go wan la.. haha! BESIDES!! FLYING OFF D!! =p

next! was badminton! sooo long nvr play with a big group of frens.. 8 ppl came.. not bad la.. manage to play ALOT of games.. kinda fun.. but sadly no pictures.. all too busy playing and forgoten bout pictures.. obviously.. i'm one of them! hahaha

whee my cousin! super cool! brought his PS2 to my place.. and guess wat! we played for SOOO LONG! managed to play so many games.. quite cool ar ps2? hahahaha! too bad no TV in India.. if not buy one go there play? hahaha!

kk boss understood! =D


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