Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another day of KECEMERLANGAN.. LOL!!!

TODAY.. again.. was another cemerlang ceremony for me to attend... but of course abit the malu case wan cuase so far i attended 2 ceremonies.. but i onli got 9A's.. not to say all A1 also.. just 6 A1's and 3A2's.. so actually its nothing to be proud of..=( ANYWAY.. today.. TAYLORS was full of leng chai's and leng lui's.. most of the student in the college dressed nicely and neatly as most of them are the award reciepients.. as wat my school BRILLIANT girl, yuee jhian said.. it looks like an OFFICE.. hahaha..actaully its true.. everyone is like going to work in the office.. haha!!

anyway.. the ceremony started at 9.. supposingly.. but due to MALAYSIAN TIMING.. it onli started at about 10...before that.. i had my bio class since the ceremony started onli at 9.. and today.. i was late for college.. reached there abt 8:05.. so when i walked in.. everyone was like.. whoa... hahahah.. not to be perasaan.. but they look amazed...and somehting shocked me as POOI LENG was like saying.. "OMG, u look like my DAD!!!" Mr ERIC WONG!! i was like.. owh really?? hahaha.. plus others said i look like big boss.. look like CEO... wahh... kembang like no bodies business d..:D:D:D:D:D but i SHOULD look like one of those big ppl as my shirt and tie was my DAD's!! so obviously it is nice and CLASSy as my dad needs it for work!! *sorry no picture to be shown... i have no CAMERA!! someone sponsor me??* hahahahahahaa...k k k enough of self praising...so the class went on as usual with Ms Param marathoning all the way feeding us with lots and lots of bio facts..

BACK TO THE CEREMONY.. it was kinda boring..cuase its just like.. one by one going up stage.. shake hand and thats all.. lol.. so.. han hwa, chee fong, eric and i decided to sneak out to attend our PHY class (kononnya rajin) as we have test tomorrow!!(and i;m still writing my blog.. see ANN NEE.. mana ada hangat hangat tahi ayam???) lol!! after that it was just normal class..owh yea.. my MATHS teacher gave us back out exam paper.. haizz.. very bad...23/34... teacher also shook her head...me too..disappointed with it.. should have been better...Aihz... anyway.. better luck next time:D..

hmm... actually...Wearing formally to college is kinda cool.. but one thing is..its SUPER HOT DURING LUNCH BREAK!!!! so todays lunch i decided to go somewhere near... which is MAC DONALDS!! since its near.. cheap with the promotion and it has AIR COND!! haha.. other than that.. wearing formal clothing to college is not a bad idea.. maybe once a week.. for the fun of it.. hahaha!! agree??LOL!!!

k k.. i gtg catch up my phy.. dun wanna fail that paper again.. catch u guys up next time!!! bye bye:D


  1. Ahaha....yeah, good idea about that office wear thingy...you looked dashing btw...lol

    Hey, u need to readjust your posting time..no way you posted this at 3.41am..=.=

  2. LOL!! i wan ppl to think that i woke up to post this ar.. cannot meh:D