Thursday, April 30, 2009

Before lan exam... During lan exam... After lan exam...

Todays time table was abit everyclass is shorten to 50 minutes onli.. so the timing is like all out.. but anyway.. it was fun.. cuase we ended our classes at about 150!! the earliest after 4 months.. but still.. we got to stay back for our LAN test which starts from 330 - 430...

So.. before lan test.. everyone was all so tensed.. cuase if u fail it.. u;ve got to take it another time!!! the next semester!!! and everyone was so stressed up also becuase today was the day they started reading about malaysian studies.. haha.. i;m one of them of course.. maybe no that bad.. i started yesterday?? today we had many breaks... the whole library was like packed with ppl reading malaysian studies..anyways.. nothing much happend before lan exam..

DURING LAN EXAM... i took my exam in MPH(multi purpose hall..not the book store or mental problem hospital) h ahah..the hall was packed with 260 SAM Students.. with about 10 classes in the hall.. the arrangement reminds me of SPM format.. but it was much more relaxed as it is AIR COND-ed and better environment as comapared to the examination halls in skul.. :D:D as usual.. we cannot bring our begs along.. pencil case is also prohibited.. PLUS we got to bring our IC along.. funny though..its like my IC face and the current face i have is so diff.. of course now with extra pimples.. and also older.. i prefer times when i;m younger.. the exam went on.. quite tough lar.. i was like a smary pants answering the question in malay when our beloved teacher taught us in ENGLISH!! hahaha...honestly.. i;ve go to thank my form 5 knowledge as it helped me alot in answering the question.. so one hour passed by slowly and finally its time to pass up!! MERDEKA!! hahahahahahaha

AFTER LAN EXAM..the plan was to celebrate.. how?? go pyramid... do wat?? watch movie.. BUT!!! *there's always a but rite??* as always... undecided GUYS... dunno wan to go or not... finally its OFF!! the whole plan was cancelled and we return to our respective houses...when i online... Peng han suddenly asked me if i wan to go for the singing thingy in college.. which starts at since i wanted to release some stress.. i agreed...after all the arrangement.. we were BOTH in college wanting to go in to the so call concert..,but when we reach was kinda quite..the place was not that bad as songs were played and all.. but the number of ppl there to watch them are like... SUPER DUPER WOPER LITTLE!!! so we started to call our gang so that it wont be boring for here call there.. no body can or wan to come.. thus.. i decided to go perade to buy some stuffs..after perade.. we went to ASIA CAFE for a game of pool...somehow.. peng han was addicted to the game and of course.. i dun mind playing too.. so we played from 8 - about 10 and went for supper!!!:d:D

THere.. it was a fun day though...super tired now.... ahhhhhhhhhh... pool fun game.. but the environment in the pool place really. OMG!!! hahaha.. thats it for now:D

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