Monday, April 27, 2009

Back To College after being CEMERLANG =D

Today was kinda fun day in today.. my class starts at 9!!!!!!!!!!!! hahhaha.. but as usual.. i follow my frens car, Shawn, to college which is about 8 in the morning..since i was early.. i went to the library to get some work done.. as my college mate POH VINCI told me that our phy teacher will ask us question.. and if we do not noe how to answer.. OUT INTERNAL MARKS WILL BE DEDUCTED!!! but as a last min fella like me.. eventhought i knew that there is such thing.. i will still study at the eleven'th hour.. =D.. so least i did somehting in the library instead of wasting one our of my SLEEPING TIME!! ahahaha..

funny thiung though..I DO NOT NOE phy is like very bad.. esp when the ques ask me to define something.. just cant get it rite..during my secondary time..i used to like phy.. haizz.. there is a saying.. "human will change" so i guess i;ve changed... as i used to dislike BIO most during secondary and okay okay with phy..but now.. its the opposite... starting to dislike phy and okay okay with bio.. hahaha... of course.. CHEM is still my fav out of all this 3 science subjects...=D

so the day started with my 1st class ESL(English as a Second Language).. today.. my teacher asked us to do a debate.. sorry.. my MENTOR asked us to debate on a topic "should the sales of junkfood in the schools canteen be banneD??? wat say u all??? hahaha.. our mentor gave us one week to prepare.. with Khye Yuh as the organiser for this debate.. so we got our members and i volunteered to be one of the JUDGE... haha.. supposing to be the RANDY in american idol..* YO DOGGG!! wats up DOGG!! oh DOG u got it all wrong!!* the debate went on.. i shall say it wasn;t the best debate ever.. it was half hangging.. my fellow classmates dint really prepare well.. all look blur.. but i cant blame them.. we had ONE WHOLE WEEK OF EXAM!!!!so its really hard for them to start on friday and present it today.. OVERALL.. the debate was not too bad.. kinda funny at times and boring at times.. average lar.. hahaha

The debate took about an hour and next lessons continued until LUNCH BREAK!!! the time where my classmates love most..hahah.. today.. Peng Han and i follow our ex skul mates.. YONG BIN, YUEE JHIAN and JIA VEN... according to the plan.. bin was supposed to bring us to some chicken rice shop.. *gosh hungry liao* but UNFORTUNATELY.. the shop choose to close today.. maybe he scared we finish up his chicken kut.. HAHAHAHAHA!!! so since we walked quite far already.. i decided to go somewhere around there which i;ve been before.. so we went there for our lunch... i shall say the food there is honestly not bad... i had curry mee and its quite tasty.. ada "UHUM" haha..others ate economic rice.. which is very cheap...=D ask me more if u wanna noe where.. haha..

After lunch.. it was BIO PRAC!!! we did some experiment on diffusion.. where we need to cut AGAR AGAR into pieces and put it in sulfuric acid to test the rate of was fun at the beginning where we need to cut the agar into correct dimension.. our CHEF for the day.. PENG HAN.. cut the agar agar into pieces while HAN HWA and i prepare other the experiment went on.. nothing much happend and we went to our last class..PHY...=.=...

on my way back home.. Navina followed me back..pity her.. she was complaining about her driving skul.. but honestly.. i will be so pissed off also.. her driving instructor was like cheating on her.. even the basics she dont noe.. haizz.. METRO driving academy is the best.. LOL!!! ANOTHER SAD STORY ABOUT ANIMAL!!! Jeremy Loo's aunty.. Mrs lam's hse.. one cat died and it dropped in to the drain.. few days later it was smelly and therefore his aunty was searching for the smell.. until she discover that it was a dead cat.. haizz.. wat happend to the animals around this area.. hahahahaha...

WOkie then..THat abt it for today.. nothing much happend.. just a few fun moments here and there during different would like to hear ur views on the debate topic.. wat do u guys think??? SHOULD THE SALES OF JUNK FOOD IN SCHOOLS CANTEEN BE BANNED??? tell me about it.. :D

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