Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Next Post =D

Hhhhmmm... today was kinda quite day.. nothing much.. but this morning.. i got a news that surprise me.. haha.. it all started with my mum asking me to cook.. so i do as what she said...but when my mum came down.. my father told her that he needs to go take tatanus jap ( the wan u take when u got cut by a rusty object).. i was like.. what??.. wat happend?? seems he cut him self when he clean something behind there.. but after that.. he mention that he wants to see the doctor and so my mum said.. "okay lar.. we go out then on the way go market to buy some stuffs"... then i happily took the key ready to drive.. * YES I CAN DRIVE:D:D* haha... the scary part starts here... my dad suddenlly said that i need to take a jap too.. hepatities B jap... i was like.. HUH??? shocked.. LOL!! not to say i;m scared of the needle.. but i was not prepared to have a jap that day.. OH WELL.. MAYBE I"M AFRAID OF IT!! off we go.. me driving there..

not long later... we reach there.. so we registered and then went in.. 1st it was my father.. THE DOC DAMN SCARY WEI!! he just took the jap literally poke in to my father.. press and pull it out.. i was SHOCKED.. i thought normally they will do it in a slow and a nice wei.. but i was wrong.. hahaha..NEXT.. it was me..and guess wat.. the doc say i no need the JAP!!! WOHOOOOO.. hahahahahahah...

after tat we went for lunch and went back home..u guys must be wondering wat happend to the food i cook earlier rite?? hahaha.. we kept it for dinner.. NOT BECUASE I FAILED TO COOK YA!! hahahahaha.. .and yea.. after lunch.. i went to youtube again to search for other BRITAIN GOT TALENT performances.. i sort of like Britain got talent now after seeing SUSAN BOYLE's performance.. its like i;m glued to it already... to be honest with u all.. BRITAIN DO HAVE TALENT!!! go watch and u;ll get wat i mean.. seriously.. they are superbly talented.. even SIMON COWELL loved u got to agree with me they are fantastic....sometimes i wonder.. DO MALAYSIANS have such talent?? when will MALASIANS GOT TALENT this programme commence? hahaha.. wonder when..

K k.. thats if for now.. got to study for my coming test.. got phy and lan(malaysian studies) test this whole week.. gosh..never touch lan yet.. wish me luck.. LOL!

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