Sunday, July 5, 2009

Durian Charity

Today was DURIAN charity.. to be honest.. i was waiting for this day as i;ll be able to eat DURAIN ALL I WAN!!! wohoo rite?? yahoo rite? MANTAP rite? ROCK rite? hahaha!! unFORTUNATELY... 4 tons of durian was wipe out by dunno how many ppl.. so the probability is??? i have no idea.. HAHA!!

Quite disappointing lor.. well SHOULD NOT BE DISAPPOINTED as it is a CHARITY!! plus we ate abit lar.. haiz.. not to say that nice also.. we got all the not nice wan.. haha!! k k.. no complaints.. its good that this event was SO successful.. this means the charity drive is very good!!! bravo!!

since we had NO LUNCH thought our stomach can be filled with lots and lots of durians.. we went to NANDO's for Lunch... as we all noe.. they have flavours.. EXTRA HOT, HOT, MILD and the last wan i forgotten.. lemon or something like that...when i ordered.. Eric and Khee Zhao was like..EXTRA HOT LAR!!! but as usual.. i chicken out.. i took the HOT one only.. but seriously ITS SPICY MAN!! i imagine how will EXTRA hot be.. well since both of then challenged me.. they took the extra hot wan. GUESS WAT?!?!?! mINE WAS SPICY-IER than THEIRS!!! maybe the kitchen mixed up?? haha.. who cares!!

darn no photos.. i cant believe it.. i dint take any photos in the durian charity there!!!! but got la some in nando's.. some stupid stuffs we did too.. haha!! FAHNEE man..

G1 la.. wat to expect =D ahh... hw again.. always stuck with homework.. i wonder when will i be hw FREE... damn it.. cant study.. exam soon.. how how how how how?? work hard la DUH! =D


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