Monday, July 13, 2009


It was a hazy morning... well.. i dint noe it was so bad until i went out for a toilet break during MATHS... once i step out..."eh.. why my glasses so blur wan???" took of and clean it with my shirt.. "eh.. my eyes got problem ar???" *Sniff sniff* omg.. HAZE!!!!
YUP!! it was that bad.. hahhahah..and yup.. i could see twin tower from my class.. LOL!!!
eh wait.. before i continue.. i was joking okay?? my class can onli see SUMMIT... and it was not THAT bad lar.. hahah.. its just bad.. not EXTREMELY BAD LIKE that picture.. hahaha.. SO yea.. it was super smelly and haze.. vision seriously was i quickly go do my 1million business and went back to class... *NOTE* it was just small business.. big business requires about 9 million.. HAHA!!!
yup.. class went on.. chemistry today was TOUGH!!! Mr Yap who is a very funny teacher was abit serious today.. did not add in any joke in his teaching like wat he normally do..but cant blame him.. todays topic abit hard also.. even I cant make jokes out of it.. LOL!!!!
FINALLY IT WAS LUNCH!!! i;m the right hand side guy.. LOL!!(right)
it was HAZE LIKE MAD!!!!!!! super smelly.. wanted to buy a mask d.. haha.. but we dint la.. planned to wear.. but dunno jadi not.. SHOULD BE NO LAR!! hahaah... we went somewhere near to eat... GOSH!!! suffering man...
it was BIO PRAC after lunch.. dint went on well.. whole class could not get the results... we have no idea why.. luckily it wasn't our group onli.. PHEW.. if not sure kena this from teacher
" AH see.. the GIGGLING group.. knew u all never pay attention" hahahaha..
FINALLY.. class was OVER!!! and u noe wat??

we did not notice the sky was like that.. until half way walking to the library.. shar said.. eh.. AND I GOT IT TOO!! LOL... everyone was like.. WHY SUDDENLY WAN?!?!? seriously lo.. suddenly clear.. but our guess was the WIND.. cuase it was windy.. THANK GOD FOR THAT!!! =D

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