Monday, July 20, 2009

Its all about BODY MASS INDEX(BMI) !!!

wohoo.. today was BMI day.. they wan us to noe our BMI well.. hahaha!! anyways.. do u all noe how to calculate BMI?!?!!?
  • BMI = Weight(kg)/ Height^2(m^2)

  • anyways.. i was about 20 ++ so i;m considered is NORMAL!!


    owh owh.. so yea.. today was all about BMI.. (did i just repeat my self?? gosh..Alzheimer) 1st was DI.. direct investigation for maths.. we are required to find statistics about it.. so yea.. we did it and it was kinda rushing as u noe.. time is the LIMITING FACTOR!! everyone was rushing.. "eh eh u do this??".. "eh eh i;m doing this ar!!!".. "EH WEI!! U SURE U CORRECT?!?!!?" "ahhhh i dunno wei." LOL! so yea. .it was rushing.. but enjoyable.. i think.. HAHAHA

    anyways.. DI day 2 will be tmr.. hopefully it;ll be a better wan.. HOPEFULLY!!hahaha...

    another BMI test was done in BiO TODAY!! haha.. it was quite fun today.. did quite alot of activity...


    measuring our height... THATS MY HEIGHT!!! it seems i;m ONLY 171.5 cm.. sad sad.. super short wei!!!

    and while others busy measuring.. guess wat?!?!?!

    *busy commenting.. EH thats not my height!!! i SHRUNK!!! lol*

    JEREMY WAS WORRIED!!! haha.. ask him why =D

    anyways.. beside taking our BMI.. our pulse rate was taken also.. and this was the VIGOROUS activity that teacher asked us to do.. climb up and down for several times and calculate the heartbeat per min..

    MAN!!! i;m so UNFIT!!! 96 beats per min!!!!(before running) haiz.. sad sad...
    after was 136 i think. hahah

    After that it was are u a

    or an APPLE
    well basically pear is small waist bigger hip and apple is waist bigger than hip.. so obviously pear is better than apple.. THANK GOD I:M A PEAR!! =D

    LOL!! this is a picture drawn by kerhan and edited my MUA.. during phy i asked him.. u understand ar??? he drew this.. so WE ALL NOE LAR !! hahahahahaha i bet he was not the onli wan.. no worries!!


    no caR!!!

    yup.. i have no car for a week.. cousin sis came back from HK.. and she borrowed my car.. sob sob.. darling is away for one week.. hahaha!!

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