Saturday, July 25, 2009


Before i start on footloose.. i shall start on the LUNCH place i went today...

3 OCLOCK!! was my lunch today..sad rite? haha.. since my mum said taipan there got some THAI food very nice.. according to her fren.. so we decided to go and try... after parking.. we thought my mum noe where the place and we followed... half way she said

Mum: "eh i dunno where wan ar.. i just noe its some where here.."
ME!!: HAR?!?!?!?! already 3 u sommore wan bring us Marry Go RounD??


so we walked up the row... walk down the row... u guys must be thinking.. SO STUPID!! why not call my mum's fren then u noe lar!!!!! haha!! right?!?!?! well.. here's the answer.. my mum's fren went out station.. so could'nt get her..and since we were blur of where my mum's fren meant.. so we decided to change our destination... go to STATION ONE!!!...

so yada yada.. sat down.. waiter brought the menu father look to the opposite.. eh.. new shop.. STARGRILL... so we said.. sry to the waiter and chow to that shop.. IT WAS EMPTY!! anyone noe? previously it was UNO... then to some nasi lemak and now its STARGRILL.. opposite station one necxt to pizza hut in TAIPAN.. u guys shuold try it wei.. SUPERB!! and guess wat was the BRILLIANT thing... I DID NOT BRING MY CaMERA!! ish... so no photos.. sry =D

WOKIE.. time for FOOT LOOSE.. it was held in SEAFIELD... honestly.. i admire their hall.. ITS SO SO SO SUPER DUPER WOPER NICE!!! aircond... eveyrhting was nice...lightings.. compared to.. AHEM duwan to mention the skul's name here la.. malu stuffs.. haha!!

so yea.. it is called FOOTLOOSE.. heard of it before?? well.. i;ve not.. anyways.. this is the real version..

hmm.. basically is talking about this guy.. who father left him for some reason.. and this girl.. where his father is a skul principle and also a priest..
so yea.. the main character.. migrated from chicago to somewhere.. and he went it to the girls skul..(darn.. i dunno their names.. HAAHAHHA!!) since he was new.. he dance around in the skul and the principle did not like it... thus he suspended him for some time.. after that he found out that his son.. passed away becuase he attended a party dance and everything.. so from then on.. he set a rule saying that ppl there are not allowed to dance.. yada yada.. fight here fight there.. quarrel.. TADA.. they manage to persuade the principle. .so at last they danced..HHAHA!!
TO BE HONEST.. the show was not as good as previous years where they act GREASE and MAMA MIA... but at their age.. not bad d wei.. 7 out of 10 lar.. based on EVERYASPECT=D

those who dunno the show should watched.. not a bad story.. also the songs.. NICE!! hahahaha k k.. times up =D

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