Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Detour.. sounds good?? or sounds bad?? hmm.. i wonder if DETOUR is used for good or bad.. ANYWAYS..today i had a detour which caused me 50 precious minutes.. LOL!

Here goes the WONDERFUL story...
After finishing my chem.. which was at 4!! after having an EXTRA hour BREAK for NOTHING!! ish.. damn pissed.. ANYWAYS.. i went back home as usual.. and JUST WHEN i got all fired up to continue studyign my PHY.. a phone call came in....

"boy ar.. can follow me to the market?"
"owh okay sure..."

so i went down and followed my mum to the market...
*yada yada yada yada yada* TING! we bought finish wat we wanted.. basically was prayers stuffs.. and some SNACKS... as it was about 5 PM.. places around sunway there are all jam up.. and u noe the ss15 ROUND - A - BOUT? there super duper wopper jam.. so here comes the DE TOUR..

"turn right lar.. we use the sunway way.. easier to go out..."


turn out to be a bad turn.. it was WORST!! jam also... half way half way.. mum said.. DETOUR!! do back.. we use ANOTHER WAy..LOL!! so i listen to her as she noes her way.. and thank God.. its was finally the CORRECT route... took us quite sometime.. but it was OKAY lar... and the time we spend waiting.. we finished 2 packets of SNACKS.. is u noticed we just bought form the market.. LOL!!!50 mins man.. just becuase of the stupid turn at the beginning.. we were saying if we dint try "other alternative route" we will be at home d.. HAHAH!! DAMN SUAY WEI!!

THERE GOES MY TIME!! could have study so much rite?? HAHAHA!!

DA JIE's POSE!! the most childish wan.. wearing RED!! omg.. super duper childish!! hahaha!!

normal picture =D nice nice..

JR POSE!!! haha.. damn cute wei when he does it... hahaha!!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST!! MINE!!!! hahaha.. nice rite my style? lala post number 10!!

THOSE WERE THE DAYS!! 5 siblings.. ahhh...miss them.. miss the moments when the little bro(me) and the DAJIE(red fella) argue.. LOL!! really like SMALL KIDS!!!
i shall end this post with a LAME JOKE!!!
DAD: Son, i grant u a wish... wat u wan?
SON: Erm .. i wish to have a WISH....
DAD: ARGH!! dint i just give u a wish?? why are u asking for more?!?!?!
SON: NO!! daD i wan a WISH!!
SON: i... ju..s..tt... wan...t...eee..dd... to...hhaaavveee aa... TOYOTA WISH... :(..
HAHAHA!! funny or not.. i dunno..but i thought of it in the morning.. DAMN!! i;m just too free.. hahaha!! hoped u just got DE-stressed.... or maybe more stressed up?

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