Friday, September 4, 2009

The End Of a WonderFul weEK!!

It all started off with fantastic INDEPENDENCE day... 4 of my frens.. came to my house and "yam cha" while chit was awesome.. long time never "gay" with them d.. LOL!!! and since it was on monday.. we HAD OFF!!!

"no college!!"
"huh? no college? but the college is always there"

hahaha!! anyways.. it was rather a hectic week though.. we had phy exam.. maths DI and maths commontest.. all those finally finsih T O D A Y!!!!

phy was not too bad.. i mean i;ve done WORST that wat i did.. hopefully my hard work pays off by getting wat i expect punya results.. not like the previous wan which was really HORRIBLE!! Maths DI was abit confusing..(direct investigation) they really squeeze our brain juice.. LOL! dont wan to RUST our GREY MATTER.. made us think so so so so much... but luckily with the help of group members.. we manage to get the solution.. and hopefully.. its correct.. LOL!!! hmm... today's maths test wan also not too bad..."THANK GOD!" came out something which was very confusing.. the ENCRYPTION of the code...

this ques was about pin number.. and using MATRIX to break the code(decode)... i think i manage to answer well.. but the LAST QUES WAS A REAL... zZZZZzzzZZZzzzz... i knew wat were they asking for.. i knew wat method to use.. but somehow.. i dunno how to end it.. DAMN SAD RITE?!?!?!?! its like.. mental block.. HMMMmmmmmm...

well..finally we will be having a week FREE form exam.. but after next week.. its TRIALS!!! gosh.. really flies wei the time..cant the time just press the BREAK a little? so that it will pass slower? OR as the police to give SAMAN!!! for speeding.. LOL!!! 3 x 10^8 is really fast.. HAHAHA!! is it ?

It is almost the end of my life in TAYLORs.. after one and a half month.. comes the FINAL examination.. gosh.. i do not noe how to wake up at 530 in the morning.. cuase our exam starts at 7!!! so we got to be there by 630... seriously.. why must we start same time as aus... not like we can ask any of them for questions rite?? sobs sobs... waking up is one of the thing i;m bad at.. CHAM LOR!!!

about 9 months ago( developing a baby) i left my SECONDARY SKUL frens.. juniors.. teachers.. and many more.. now.. in one and a half months time.. i;ll be leaving SAM frens.. wah liao eh... although we have been close to each other after SAM fiesta.. i still feel we should have more time together.. our "chemistry" bonds are not VERY strong.. but its building up DRASTICALLY!! haiz!


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