Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sunway University College!!

MUhahaha.. i was a sunway student for a DAY!! catch up with Jerrenn Yuet Iman and Jiawei for breakfast this morning and later on we decided to meet in Sun - U to have a Mini study group.. so we went there about 1? yup..

TADA!! sunway college..
WEll i dint take any pic inside their lib as i did not have a camera with me.. but hmm.. their library is HUGE!!!
i heard it was COLD!! FREEZING!! but just now wasn't that bad.. maybe i was there not long enough? hahaha!! but we did study abit.. i even learn how to intergrate TRIGO!!! thanks to iman.. HAHA!!! quite cool actually.. but i;m definitely glad that i;m not learning anything related to trigo now!! P H E W!
after few hours.. we decided to chow..since iman did not eat his lunch(puasa-ing ?? haha) we went to old taste and chit chatted a while.. one of it was PRIMARY SKUL!! damn funny.. each has their own childhood story.. super cool.. mine was also quite saddening..

my school's exercise book.. yup.. SJK ( C ) LICK HUNG!! damn i so hate this book.. its call "sheng zhi" where we have to write one whole page of words.. for wat? i have no idea!!

OH I NOE!! torture us!!! see this man.

YES YES!! so many words.. imagine this is juse ONE PAGE!! just one!!(okay maybe 2.. but) the whole book is occupied... oh did i mention this is just book 1???
WE HAVE 2 BOOKS!!! book 1 pass up today.. tmr do in book 2.. so yea.. 2 books full of chinese words which i dunno why i wrote it.. cuase i forgotten EVERYTHING ALREADY!! hahaha.. i noe i noe.. useless.. but wat to do.. my language is terrible.. see my eng now? haiZ blog also so sad.. eng like...... haha!!
Oh! i still remember when i was standard 3 or 4.. i was a GANGSTER WEI!!! haha.. almost fight once i think.. but after that also dint..cuase all just for show ni.. act damn big.. but dare not do anything.. and guess wat??!!? we got caught!! hahaha so one day.. guru disciplin came in.. ask who ever is involved.. one by one go out.. kena WHACK!! lol.. from then onwards..
(i think)
HAHAH!! shocked?? i think its kinda expected rite? =D
ANYWAYS!! what is a primary skul without sweet memories??
MUSICAL BAND!!! (sry blur pic)
ahh.. i miss band so so much.. that is in IOI mall.. every year since standard 4(when we 1st join)..we will go IOI MALL for this BAND COMPETITION.. where so many skuls compete with each other... the feeling was seriously AWESOME!!! everytime got to practice during school hour.. wah.. learn how to skip class since standard 4 wei =D
SADLY!! we always get 3rd..haha.. dun WAH so fast.. allow me to elaborate.. each skul will DEFINITELY win a prize.. and it is divided into 1st place 2nd place and the rest will be 3rd.. LOL!!! and everytime my conductor see the real results.. we are always LAST!! seriously.. i dunno why.. we are NOT BAD WUT!! well during practice of course.. super chun wan.. but during competition.. suck man...
yup thats me.. DUN LAUGH!!! hahah..
i think its called a ROTO.. used to be 3 drums infront of me..but one time during practice.. some junior itchy hand.. spoil the drum skin.. so my instructor bought this new one.. it has 4!!! seriously when i 1st play.. i was like SHIT!! wth?!?!?! but after a while.. its quite fun =D
owh owh!! its heavy man... seirously.. now i noe why i so short d.. thanks to that lar.. pull me down..(gravitational force??) SUPER HEAVY!! and during marching time.. O M G MAN!! got to carry it.. hit it.. correct timing all.. and MARCH!!! tough tough.. but after a while.. use to it!! LOVE OUR DRUM SET!! damn nice.. everytime we play.. the juniors will look.. seriously like SO COOL like that..
AHHH RUNNING!! another event i love most in primary.. seriously.. without running and band.. i;m like some boring dude man.. super bored!! well i was quite a good runner when i am in primary skul.. and i was the SKUL RUNNER!!! muahaha..(but obviously never WIN) but every morning be4 skul starts.. we are practising down there.. so cool wei... running rocks!!
those were my mates.. we represent our YELLOW HOUSE (yellow yellow dirty fellow) ran the 4X100m event.. LOVE THAT EVENT!! 4x100m ROCKS!!! i was the last runner.. sadly couldn't chase the winner.. ALMOST!! argh.. nvm lar.. we enjoyed anyways... damn funny wei.. i so short!! must be the drum weight effect!! lol
ahh actually wat i miss most in primary is these 2 activities i join.. cant remember other things that happend there.. and most of my primary frens..LOST CONTACT!!! well SOME still got contact but not all 40 of us!! yup.. 40 ppl in my class last time man.. haiz!
*wo ri ai li xing xue xiao*
lol.. skul song =D

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