Friday, May 1, 2009


hahah.. today was labour day.. and it was also my mum and dad's anniversary.. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MUM ANd DAD!!! =D anyway.. today we all went out for lunch in rukuzen*not sure the spelling* hahah.. when i open the menu.. i spotted the eel.. owh man.. it was like STARING at me.. and i wanted to eat it up for staring at me.. but moments later.. my bro said he wanted that.. so i was such a good brother.. let him eat it.. and ordered chicken...WAHLIAO EH!! the portion was like big.. and i ate until i almost wanna explode... it was nice..hahah

after that.. i did my homework and my parents went pak toh... but unfortunately.. there is my mum's fren.. so not considered lar hor??? hahahaha.. wasted lar... so my whole evening was doing hw.. to be more presice.. searching sources for phy.. microwave oven.. oh my gosh.. so i search then chat with frens.. search then watch movies from youtube.. hahaha.. after a while i gave up.. dunno wat to find.. switch to ESL...when i starting to chang the mistake that i;ve done.. suddenly i remember about the plagarising i asked around wondering how to check.. asked vinci and she told me to go.. and i went.. needed to sign i register everyting and i found out that i dint plagarise alot!!! hahahaha.. for esl.. i plagarised about 5% and amazingly.. chem 0.8!! i could not believe it my self either.. BUT!! as for my bio.. it shocked me.. it says that i plagiarised 65%%!!!!!!!! but anyway.. teacher said she dun really care about it so i SHOULD BE SAFE!! hopefully...

Dinner time!!we went to some BBQ chicken in states that they used olive oil to cook their chickens.. so my mum thought of trying out that was not to say very bad nor its very was just average...anyway.. after dinner..i was such a good boy as i left my parents alone at home.. u noe for wat.. hahahaha... i went out with ph to catch a movie.. called the UNINVITED!! how sad.. other ppl who went in with us was either a couple.. or came with a group of frens..but ours was... NOT couple.. and NOT a group of frens.. its more like.. GAY PARTNER!! hahaha.. anyway.. we were each others partner just now..the movie starts at 1130!!!! brilliant isn't it?? besides that.. it was a HORROR MOVIE!! i dint noe it was a horror movie until we were sitted and i asked ph abt it.. ahhaha.. anyway.. it was a good movie.. seriously.. after i came out.. i was like.. why this why that.. but after ph reading the wiki.. i finally get it.. and its a BRILLIANT SHOW!! i shall give 7 out of 10!! hahaha.. 3 marks minus was confusing*for me lar..dumb mar..* and it was freaky.. HAAH!!!

anyway.. yesterday i meet my long lost sister.. TAN JIA JING!!!
i could not recognise her!! without specs all.. hahaha.. anyway.. i sneaked her in to the college.. and bring her see the leng chai;s in the college.. and becuase of her.. i did quite badly in my MALAYSIAN STUDIES.. hopefully i pass.. if not.. i;ll find her!! aahahah...damn.. stupid mosquito around my feet area.. now i;m full with their bites.. damn it!!! spray so much still there.. looks like they are immune to it already.. DARN!!!

ahhhh... so tired.. its 230 when i post this btw.. semangat man.. hahahahahahahaha chow:D


  1. Sprays and mats do not deter them at all, coz i have a never ending supply of mosquitoes under my table and the more i spray the more they come...=,=
    But how come they sting you? I thought u r their mosquito sultan...><

  2. ahhh...that was vinci btw. Sorry about the chinese...maybe i should include my name next time