Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big Bowl, Museum, Habour Town, and Little Caesars

FINALLY! i ran out of ideas to write a TITLE for my blog.. so i shall just list down the places that i'll be talking about.. LOL!
1st up! was my lunchie =D
we went "da wan mian" to eat..
hmm i shall say its like face to face? but this stall is not bout pan mee.. it has a variety.. too much till i dunno where to start.. but the bowl is seriously BIG! thats y its called the BIG BOWL NOODLE HOUSe! haha!

and FINALLY! i get to drink 100plus! haha super duper rare man 100 plus in australia.. its like some soft drink which is not famous in Aus.. wth rite? LOL! its our FAV rite? and if u all notice.. the design like diff.. haha! dunno its becuase i long time nvr drink d..or the design in diff country is diff.. =D
Anyways.. thats the big bowl! haha big?? the spoon is unique too.. haha! but the person is just so so la.. ntg special.. lol.. anyway i ordered PORK CHOP noodle (zhu pa! ) haha! hmmm.. quite nice the pork chop.. well the noodle was nice as well.. but i find the soup abit the "cheng" but i still drank everything.. so if i drink everything.. means its?? nice lo! haha!
Next destination! Museum! reminds me of NIGHT IN THE MUSEUM! nice movie =D
RAWR!! its moving! seriously moving! haha.. lazy take vid and post it here.. but this dinosaur really moved! dun believe me? DONE LO! haha super cute man those small kids there.. cause sometimes it will RAWR and open its mouth.. so when it does that.. the kids will be screaming and running away from that place.. SUPER CUTE!

lol! scary le.. i noe man.. lucky thing this doesn't move.. so can stand and pose abit.. haha!
dun ask me why! but they have PERIODIC TABLE THERE!!
haiz! go Perth holiday still need see periodic table.. chem ar chem.. my yap ar my yap.. why come all the way to perth to haunt me? lol!
this is so cool! it has actually SAMPLES of the element in one small tube u see next to each element? haha! damn weird la the way i phrase it.. darn my eng.. super sucky! anyway there is one funny one.. AU is gold rite? (if i;m not mistaken) and they dint put any SAMPLE there even though GOLD can be obtain anywhere now.. lol! and we noe the reason why its not there.. haha! over there they say (temporarily removed) lol!!
SORRY! of all i dint take pic of that.. zzz!
nope nope! not camwhoring! i;m taking wat we are made up of.. if u guys can see..
65% oxygen
18% carbon
and so rite? sry ar.. cant really see rite? but yea we are made up of all those.. i think i have a CLEARER pic.. but sry mates! connection not too good.. duwanna upload again! haha..sry!

super beautiful!
haiz! i noe CIAO ITALIA was not in my title.. cuase THIS SHOP!! MADE US DRIVE THERE FOR NOTHING! why? cuase its CLOSED! and this is not the 1st time!!! its the 2nd! 2 times we went d.. both times also CLOSE! ish man..this restaurant is super duper good.. when i was on the plane.. some one told be about it.. when i am in perth.. everyone is talking bout it.. so its DARN good.. but UNFORTUNATELY! i have not tried it.. onli HEARD about it.. ish!
Little Caesar's was the place we went for dinner! haha its basically PIZZA's.. but its not just our original PIZZA's.. its AWESOME ONES!! and be4 i came.. the onli place that has this is like almost one hour away from my sis's place.. so sis dint really wan to bring me here.. UNTIL RECENTLY! they have another outlet near my sis place.. so obviously we went! =D
Menu! dun judge the MENU by its cover! looks cheap? looks ugly? looks like its NOTHING but just a piece of paper?!?!
but wat comes next to fill ur stomach is the MOST IMPORTANT thing of all!
be4 i go into the food.. lets share abit of knowledge about little caesar! its not REGULAR or LARGE! its call LC or BC and as u can see.. wats lc and bc from the pic.. haha!
tada! the way they SERVE also so cool.. nice eh? =D taste it.. BETTER! awesome possum!
just when u think its just "oh pizza!" look at this man! BLACK FOREST DESSERT PIZZA!
at 1st in the menu i saw desserts.. so i was like.. okay after pizza lets have DESSERTS! and after that one of my sis fren was like..
"we just order 3 pizza and 2 dessert pizzas.."
i was like.. huh? 2 dessert PIZZAS?!?!? true enough.. it served as a pizza! super cool rite?!?!?! gosh!
my final word!


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