Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2nd day in college....

haha.. well nohting much on the 2nd day of college.. actually its not the 2nd day.. its like almost 7 months? LOL!!! kk.. yes i noe lame rite? so i've got something even lamer..

Reporter: Hey Mr., are u GEIGER?!?!?
Geiger: What?!? did u just call me a GAY(gei) or a GIRL(ger)?

LOL!!!! my top fav..HAHAHA!!!

owh man.. i have MORAL STUDIES tmr.. and i ATTEMPTED to study just now.. but seriously it was HARD!!! can u imagine this.. i prefer studying PHY than MORAL MAN!! seriously.. not to say i like phy that much.. but i prefer it.. haiz.. last time i complain MORAL damn hard la.. so many nilais to remember la.. so many rules to follow lar.. this that.. now i wish i;m sitting for that paper tmr as i noe wat to do.. rather than now.. i noe NOTHING much.. haiz.... cham lor.... anyways.. i was stresssed up.. so i watched a vid to chill up.. ENJOY!!!!

haha..its nice.. but quite confusing. starting from 3:37.. the best part.. haha!! warning.. they speak quite loud..so beaware!!

k lar i gtg back to MORAL man.. if not kantoi.. chow =D enjoy the clip mates..

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