Friday, August 28, 2009

MerDeka Celebration~~!!!

Today Taylors had some celebration for merdeka as our country achieve independence for 52 years ALREADY.. hahaha it was like old skul times.. where announcement is given for everyone to go dowan as the event will be starting a few of us did.. went down and have som fun.. hahah!!

well it was totally diff from gov skul i tell u.. i mean last time when there is an event going on..PREFECTS will go round class making students line up and organise them down class by class.. but now.. in taylors.. HAHA!! so not organise.. all go or not. NO ONE KNOWS.. alot ppl stand corridors there in.. last time WHO EVER DID THAT!! mati terus.. sure kena marah.. or chase by the prefects.. LOL!! damn funny wei.. i see also.. HAHA!! that wont happend last time..

so anyways.. we were givien one flag and lyrics for "tangal 31" and "keranamu malaysia".. those are actually one of my fav patriotic song.. haha!! got one more bersatu ar? malaysiaku germilang also not bad lar.. =D

and as u noe.. naughty ppl like US.. the G1-ians.. crazy lame ppls..LOL!! we go change the lyrics.. TANGGAL 51.. bulan 5 empat puluh tujuh.. LOL!*sry malaysia.. forgive us..* and the funny part was.. KERANAMU.. u noe la they repeart keranamu a bit.. we were like.. BECUASE OF U..LOL!!! thats us man.. super duper woper lame.. haha!!

the MC(E=MC^2) or more commonly known as EMCEE were too soft actually.. cant really hear what they were saying.. but we were still enjoying lar.. like mad ppl.. LOL! merdeka merdeka merdeka!! 3 times nia.. haiz..

i still remember last year.. i march in for the skul man.. hold the malaysia flag..quite hard lo to make it nice and perfect.. got to march la.. hormat lar.. fold lar.. this lar.. that lar.. wah.. pressure man.. but it was sure a perfect experience.. this year.. NOTHING!! lol.. at some point.. there were this group of ppl.. holding a larger mas flag running around to cheer ppl up.. but obviously it was not as energetic as how we use to do it in skul.. i remember the ppl run like mad.. carrying one pass to another.. real JAKUN!! hahahaha... kena potong damn lots of times.. dunno why..JUST TODAY.. i feel like going out and ENJOY!! seirously like the last day of all.. but could not cause onli 2 of us.. SAD MAN!!hopefully tmr wan will have more ppl.. HOPEFULLY!! hahaha..anyways.. went basketball again today.. damn sad la today.. played like a noob... or worst than a noob since i;m one d. HAIZ!!

k lar.. sry la this post no pic.. camera provider Ms Toh Pei Wern was not around due to her GRADE 8 PIANO exam.. all the best to her in getting her results.. =D adios! sawadicap diterocap! lol..

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