Sunday, August 2, 2009

CYBI!! hahaa.. i SEW!!

WARNING WARNING!! this is gonna be another jakun post..=D

Wokie..before i start lanci--ing on my sewing skills.. i shall start with something else...seriously. i do not noe why.. but i;m like addicted to driving.. i LOVE to drive..hahaha..forexample.. i;ll find reasons to go out.. like today.. my bro finish his crash course.. my father said he;ll fetch.. then i protested.. saying i wanted to fetch.. and of course.. he let me.. so i drove.. WOHOO!! hahaha..manual is so much fun lar.. dinner time i drove to klang.. damn sleepy.. just press accelerator.. break.. DONE...seriously BORING!!!! compare it to manual.. fuyoh.. speed pun lebih senang =D

k la k la.. i noe u guys wanna noe wat i sew rite?? TADA!!!
My beloved blanket. dunno follow me how many years d... *sniff Sniff* ahh.. my baby smell pun ada.. LOL!!! i noe.. yucks..
Before sewing..

and after sewing...

i noe i noe.. some of u might be thinking.. ELEH.. so fake.... take picture of it spoil d.. then ask someone sew and claim that i sew...rite rite?? i knew it!! so i took prove!!!

yea.. can u see the needle? hahaha!! DAMN!! i dint tought of that.. darn.. i did not prove my self ... ish....

ANYWAYS.. nice not nice not? hahaha!! i noe la.. its called ...erm erm.. darn.. wat is it call again? lilit tubi aR? learn in KH 3 years back!! lol or was it 4?? hmm.. wat eva lar..

THANK U thank u.. i noe its pretty.. next time if u all need any help.. pick up ur phone and call me=D i charge very cheap wan no worries..

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