Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WOHOO!! "wonderful holiday"


yup.. thats how i celebrate my holiday man.. ENJOYING ALL DAY LONG!!! u guys must be thinking.. "so good la u.. get to enjoy..i at home study ni wei.." but actually I WANNA STUDY!! trials is like.. SOON?? phy examn is next week.. phy IDS next week.. MORAL EXAM NEXT WEEK!! and i wohoo-ing.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...all d best LEONG YI XIAN!! tiada ubat boleh rawat dah...

So.. its the 5th day.. and seriously.. speaking of achievements.. THERE IS ALOT!! but then again.. are those achievements related to studies?!?!? DEFINITELY NO!! so what have i achieveD?!?! well basically.. i manage to finish up my MATHS hw.. WOHOO!! fantastic rite?? and manage to celebrate Jeremy's bday.. well it was quite successfull.. LOL! I THINK! not to forget.. i manage to watch SO MANY MOVIES!! in a week.. cool isnt it??

so yea.. u guys must be wondering.. MANY MOVIES?!?! just one ni mar.. Aliens in the ATTIC.. yea... but i watched PROPOSAL TODAY!!! heres how it goes...

Mum: Xian ar.. go to the net and check wat time is proposal..inform me the time later.. i go down town do something.. later u go fetch the boys back from skul ar...
Xian: (still sleeping) oookkkaaayyy....

well u've got to noe wat time i slept the night be4.. I SLEPT AT 5!!!! *wow u studied until 5??* NO!! i was downloading MOVIES!!! now u noe why i said i watched many movies.. i downloaded 17 AGAIN.. alien in the attic and watched them.. YUP ALIEN IN THE ATTIC AGAIN!! smart rite? hahaha.. so i slept at 5... and i seriously cant remember wat my mum said clearly and contineud sleeping..

until almost one.. i straight away jump up.. and asked my self.." i;ve got something to do rite??"
oh oh!! called my mum.. and asked her again wat she said.. LOL!! so she told me and i when and after all the checking.. we decided to watched the show.. in SUMMIT.. cuase pyramid wan show time not nice.....TADA.. we went there..and watched the show.. NOT BAD LA.. quite funny actually.. (sry.. lazy post pictures..LOL!) went with jeremy btw..

yea.. thats how i spent my day today.. i;ve not been reading much.. I DID READ ACTUALLY abit here and there.. but more time spend out.. DARN!! I SHALL CONCENTRATE!! GO GO GO GO GO STUDY NOW!!

okay guys.. u heard him scolding me.. sayonara!! =D

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