Tuesday, August 4, 2009


After finishing STATISTIC... here comes MATRIX!!! oh gosh.. at 1st we were like.. ai ya.. learn be4 in form 5 lar.. SUPER EASY LAR... yup.. indeed it was similiar... NOT ONLI THAT! we can use the calculator.. so we were like.. HAHAHA!! bonus man... THEN *zheng zheng zheng zheng zheng*(terminator famous line) AUGMENTED MATRIX!!!

what was the longest working u;ve ever done be4 in maths??? imagine this ques.. took us ONE WHOLE A4 Size paper!! cool eh? even ADD MATHS last time no need one whole page.. ROCKER!!

wah.. the NEATEST page u can find wei.. purposely write nicely to BLOG ABOUT IT!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
1st STEP.

2nd step
Basically.. the ques is to find inverse a matrix of 3 X 3.. and u noe wat?? USING CALCULATOR we will take 5 mins!!! using that method just now.. IN CLASS WE DID ONE HOUR!! chun rite? hahahaha... maths ROCK WEI!!!
anyways.. today ESL teacher PRAISED US AGAIN!!! seriously superb wei.. "oh u all so fast did the work already? i;m IMPRESSED" wah liao eh.. NEVER she said that before lor.. but u noe wats IRONY?!?!? she banged us after that.. haha.. but it wasnt the bad banging lar.. just a nice lecture.. hahaha!! short wan lar.. super surprise.. anyway.. we did another song today.. BUTTERFLY KISSES.. have u guys heard it before.. FANTASTIC song... u shuold try listening to it wei =D

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