Thursday, August 13, 2009

What TIME IS IT!!???!?!

SUMMER TIME!!! courtesy of HSM.. i've always answer my frens who asked me What Time is it?

anyways.. its my turn to ask my self WAT TIME IS IT and i really cant answer summer time... its really flying.. time is flying.. its moving on and on.. not stopping or taking a break.. its mission is just to carry on.. MOVE FORWARD AND THERE IS NO TURNING BACK!!

seriously guys.. do u guys agree that time is flying this year?? like SUPER FAST?!? my gosh.. its like i just finish introducing my self. adapting taylors.. knowing where is this class.. that class.. getting to noe my classmates.. getting to noe my lecturers... then comes the assigments.. i still remember i said.. GOSH.. i wonder if i could go through this week.. full of assignments.. and now i;m MONTHS ahead of it..darn.. i still remember studying like mad for 1st semester.. a week be4 sick like mad.. but now.. its almost 2 months after that d...

TIME IS FLYING man.. and i;ve not do anyting.. all i did was practically N O T H I N G!! shit lar.. well.. no point crying over spilt milk... sam is gonna end soon.. am i ready for the trials?? am i ready for their finals?? haiz!! i;m lost man.. "tick tock tick tock" thats wat i can hear.. i noe its running up.. but wat am i doing!!! ish.. k lar.. i think i should do wat i;m suppose to do..

A D I OS!! sorry for a stupid post.. haha!!

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