Sunday, May 24, 2009

4 KM.. done...

Went jogging yesterday.. and i onli discover i can jog for 4KM!!! hahahahahaha.. cham lor.. that 4km took us half an hour.. so ACCORDING to calculation.. we should be able to finish 10KM within the time limit.. which is 1.5 hour... BUT!!!! after that 4km also wan die d.. how to keep up that pace to finish up 10km lar??!??!?!?!?!?!/ hahahahahaha... stamina all out d man.. cham lo.... hahaha.. NVM LAR!! CHARITY!!

anyway.. almost DIED on our way there.. this KP of mine.. HENG JIA WEI..drove me there as i dint have my car.. so he came.. not bad la.. quite nice.. come all the way.. *maybe he feel bad cause i always fetch him* so yea.. he fetched me.. things that happened was...

1. wrong way... supposing go the other way.. but he went the opposite way.. so nvm lar.. got alternative route to MPSJ.. so that wan settle

2. some where near SMK SU... some lady driver wanted to turn in.. her fault lar.. from 2nd lane suddenly wanna cut in and turn.. but she SHOWED SIGNAL light..normal ppl like US excluding him.. will noe how to break and let her go... BUT THAT SMART ALEX JUST CONTINUE DRIVING WITHOUT BREAKING!!! hahaa.. until i OI!!! then he OWH OWH... at that time i thought he knew abt it but wanted to break later.. BUT after that turing he say.. lucky u told me wei.. if not i bang her d.. I WAS LIKE!?!?! WTH?!?!! ?U DINT SEE??? SO OBVIOUS RITE? he can tell me.. owh.. i cannot see car from the side wan.. i onli concentrate infront.. car infront i can see.. side cannot... MR HENG JIA WEI!! THATS DAMN DANGEROUS!!!!!!! hahahaha

3. turning that time.. that mr HENG was so close to the divider.. almost BANG.. but he said he was still far.. so maybe i was too paranoid d.. after that incident.. hahaha!!

4. his car damn weirD!!! everytime jalan that time like wanna mati engine.. but he always say.. WONT WAN..i wont mati engine.. so okay lar.. he mmg dint.. haha.. just SOUNDED like its gonna die off..

5. HAHAA!! NOT THAT BAD LAR!! 4 is enough.. =D=D

so was an eventful time.. i;ve learned how to treasure life now.. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! not that bad la actually.. better than wat i'd expected.. not to say i that pro also lar.. so cant comment much.. :D:D

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