Tuesday, May 5, 2009

FinaLLY.. finished my ESL assignment!! hahah

TUESDAY.. is the worst day of the week... why?? cause our class ends at 4!!! haizz.. and out lunch is like at 1 o'clock!! omg.. seriously.. it sucks!!faster change back our normal time table lar.. 3 months of peace.. suddenly give us such time table.. no semangat man.. anyway..today class was not that bad lar...as today was kinda boring day.. i went quite high to keep my self awake. hahaha.. so i got call out a few times to do something on the board.. THANK GOD i knew how to answer...

TODAY was also the 1st MORAL PHILOSOPHY class..yea.. philosophy according to our new moral teacher.. hahaha.. he was okay.. not too bad.. according to feedback from other class.. he's a fun guy.. so we;ll see.. today he abit weird lar.. i mean.. funny.. he came in.. "ACT" as if he sore throat.. ask someone to be his translator.. then after that.. he could just speak.. like a normal healthy man.. SO FAKE!!! hahahahaha... today.. he dint taught us much.. be his class was really open.. for more info u can personally ask me.. duwanna post it here.. LOL!!! anyway.. we were supposed to form groups and here goes the group work thingy again.. like MALAYSIAN STUDIES.. which means.. MORE WORK.. means more assignment.. means ...... MORE STRESS!!! ahhh..haha.. one more thing.. he had a phone call during class while we were discussing our points for our group.. then he said.. "u noe who called me?" we said.. ur boss!! the programme director!! he say.. no no.. PRIME MINISTER.. LOL!! he can be my fren lar rite?? sama gang wan...if u guys get wat i mean =D

anyway.. after class was a busy moment for me.. 1st i went home.. already super tired.. after one LONG DAY..but i still rush.. faster bathe.. faster eat.. faster prepare.. then go college to finish up my ESL final report which is due tomorrow.. so yea.. went there.. did all the necessary stuffs.. like note taking.. adjustments..arrangements.. printing... and finally binding.. so i was in library from about 5 - 830 doing my ESL.. gosh.. stress man.. but kinda cool... normally walk out form the library.. SUPER HOT.. cuase of the sun.. but today.. out side was dark.. and when go out.. FRESH AIR!! cooling.. hahaha.. the feeling was like... SO COOL!!! hahahaha..its not a bad idea to stay back in the future to study or wat so ever.. kinda fun..i wonder is library always this busy.. or is it because there is something due tomorrow.. because there was quite alot of student still there in the library..HHHMMmmmmmmmmm...

wah.. wat a relieve man.. finally finish ESL.. like so stressed up all.. now.. ALL DONE!! hopefully can get good marks lar.. OH OH .. i noe why today was kinda fun already.. cause some ppl in my class.. too free nothing else better to do.. playing miss call here and there.. hahahahahahahaha... again i would like to use this phase.. "WHO EAT THE CHILI TASTE THE SPICY"!!! hahahahaha... familiar??? lol... onli SOME ppl will get wat i mean.. hahaha..

WoKiE... time to sleep.. gosh.. still got phy report and maths quiz to deal with this week... H E L P!!! hahaha..

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