Monday, May 4, 2009

Another late night post.. hehehhe

*YAWN**YAWN* staying up late again.. guess for wat?? YOU R RIGHT!! assigments again.. hahaha..

today.. the class was kinda empty.. 6 ppl absent.. 3 went for ISAT test while the others.. we do not noe yet.. anyway... one sad news was announced today.. AGNES IS LEAVING US!!!!!!!!! haiz.. damn sad lar.. she just leave us without even saying GOOD BYE or having a final picture.. or having our final lunch.. OR EVEN TEACH ME SOME CHEERLEADING SKILLS!!!!!!!!!! luckily.. we did some stunts be4.. if not.. seriously.. wanna WHACK u ar Agnes.. lol..sounds familar?? yea yea.. its MR YAP!! hahaha..anyway.. just joking Agnes..anyway.. if u reading this..All the best in ur future.. good luck in wat u r doing.. and dun forget ur G1 mates ya..:D..

haiz.. speaking of ppl leaving... this CHEAH PENG HAN also gonna leave us soon..why lar.. slowly one by one leaving our class?? =(.. is it me that u guys are scared off??? tell me man.. but i hope i;m not the factor lar.. hahaha.. anyway.. todays lessons were kinda slow.. get back 2 papers today.. CHEM and PHY.. not too good.. not too bad lar.. chould have been better.. haiz.. damn sad lar.. how to get high TER with this results?? anyway.. will just do my best..

MS TAN WE WEE today good mood wei.. hahah.. or shall i thank ther person who is coming to see her tomrrow?? haha.. thanks to that person.. our draft is postponed to THIS FRIDAY!! wohoo or buuu?? hmm.. i think its WOHOO!! can concentrate on ESL 1st.. then onli struggle with PHY again..

now.. lets talk about food.. haha.. this week really ate damn alot of nice foods lor.. my mum's fren.. in penang wan.. came our house to cook.. as i said in the previous post.. u go melaka and penang.. ur stomach will automatically expand?? so that aunty came and cook some penang food.. LUM MEE and STICKY RICE.. ahhaah.. direct translation.. *HEAVEN**HEAVEN* lol..not used to the lum mee lar.. as we cannot find it here.. but the style is quite unique and the taste is FANTASTIC.. hahahaha...i think i can be a food critique d wei.. anyone wan me to be their guinea pig to taste their food?? hahaha..dun hesitate to ask me wei!! hahahaha.. one condition.. pay for my medical if i got cirit birit:D:D.. but highly unlikely it will happend lar.. Muahahahhahaahhahaha...

OWh owh.. anyfood is possible.. but vege:D hahahahahahah

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