Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TO spice my blog up.. :D:D

on out wat to somewhere.. monkeys on the bus.. HAHAHA!!!

omg.. i cant believe it myself.. i;m putting this here.. but anyway.. i put d.. so no turning back.. hahahaha nice ar?? lol..

haha.. class trip.. organised by our teacher.

took picture with * i dunno wat u call that * in a trip organised by our SCIENCE TEACHER.. CIK HOOI!!! AKA pk koku during that time..hehehe... nice trip:D:D

The GUYS of 3 USAHA.. MuaHAHAHA... we ROCK!!!!!!
FYI.. the Malaysia and Selangor flag behind?? its made up of our HANDS!! hahaha

OMG... hahaha.. SITI AMINAH!! SKATING BILA???? ask me post like a nerd... damn evill lar u.. hahaha!!

3 USAHA!!! ROCK WEI!! haha.. still remember.. PMR damn near.. but we all syok syok take pictures ni.. hahahaha!!!
anyway.. its my whole class.. so cool!! memories......

hahaha.. KH teacher.. she's such a nice teacher.. PN NEOH!! U ROCKS!! thanks for teaching me the parts of the engines.. though i forgotten.. but u taught us well!! hahaha

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