Sunday, May 10, 2009


hhhhhhmmmm... shall i make this a emo wan or just a normal wan?? zzzzzzzzz.. .well.. i;ll see my mood while i write.. haha.. k k.. this Mr Cheah is leaving us.. like wat MS AGNES did to us.. well.. soon other ppl will also leave us like MR DANNY.. BUT.. today;s focus is on this mr cheah.... he ar.. i;m telling u .. horrible terrible uncomfortable incredible..and other able lar... sien to type out all lar..yea.. this mr cheah gonna leave us.. LOL!!! damn.. repitation.. sry sry.. k k.. next point... shall i begin with IMPAK??? hahah...

as u noe.. we celebrated a farewell party for last friday.. and do u noe how BAD u treated me?? seriously.. by telling me u duwanna come.. u no mood all.. i almost die of heart attacked weii.. but luckily u came.. if not seriously i;m telling u wat is it all about d.. hahah.. k k. . intro done lar.. i think emo letter now lar.??

Dear Peng Han,

Hmmmm.. I wonder wat r u feeling now.. nervous?? excited?? normal?? or SAD??? seriouslly man.. how long have we known each other?? damn.. its 5 years wei.. yes.. i noe u guy out there may think 5 years damn short lar.. but u noe.. 5 years FOR ME.. i dunno abt u.. THOSE 5 years with u.. seirously made my life...from u.. i learn how to be SMARTER.. though i fail until now.. but thanks to the pressure u gave me.. by scoreing SO HIGH during ur examinations.. i manage to get 6 A's for PMR and also 9A's for my SPM..i shall say.. ur peer pressure is so damn good.. i shall say once again.. THANKS ALOT BUDDY!!

well.. i shall start since form 1.. hmmm.. 1st day.. i sat with u.. and poor kim wen got to sit behind there becuase i took his place.. HAHAAHAHHA!! and the 1st day.. remember the prefects?? darn.. forgotten their names.. we were like spying for their names.. one was OOI somehting.. the others.. cant remember.. u still remember ar? then few days later i got shifted out from ur class.. go the back class... zzzzzzzzzzzzz.... always go padang asam.. hahah.. damn small boy wei we all that time.. meet in class during chinese and moral lessons... meet for break time.. ahhaha.. damn small boy..REMEMBER PREFECT INTERVIEW!?!?!? hahahaha.. all wanted to be prefect.. but failed!! malu man.. but nvm lar.. at least i became a prefect after that also lar rite?? :D:D.. well anything else in form 1 ar?? cant remember lar.. noe we were damn naughty lar.. but still good in the sence that no BORANG DISIPLIN and all.. hahha.. sry lar.. my memory abit out .. thats y sejarah all damn teruk!!

hmm.. so now form 2 lar rite?? remember moral teacher?? pn ding?? tell her story.. and we'll interrupt all?? haha.. OWH YEA.. BASKETBALL!!! this MR CHEAH 3 POINT king wei.. hahaha.. always waiting out there.. ready to shot 3 point.. hahaha.. those days with the basketball ppl.. yie xiang.. teck yap.. sai cheong.. somemore who ar?? damn alot wan..then we every friday.. go skul early.. for wat?? REMEMBER NOT!?!?!?!?!?!?! GO ROUND THE SKUL BUILDINGS!!! PLAY BOTTLE CAPS!!! hahaha.. owh yea.. times we go skating with meng sum?? haha.. always ask him help us pay... . haiz.. come to think of it.. damn useless lar we all .. haha.. hmmm... wat else ar??? bo liao rite??

so we go form 3 lar rite?? hahaha.. form 3 diff liao.. no more basketball.. time for BADMINTON!! haha.. always go the court early.. to play longer.. stay back after skul.. that long wait go ur hse.. play foot ball.. then got PMR.... everytime go pj.. owh yea.. pj.. lol!! DO U REMEMBER HOW MUCH WE HATED HENG JIA WEI WHEN WE WERE YOUNGER!!?!??! haha sry jia wei.. now no more la seriosuly.. caue we always bully u.. hahaha.. so yea.. damn funny wei.. form 3 wat else ar?? damn lar.. my memory... hmmmm!!!! nothing else gua..

form 4 and 5 lar.. campur.. went to same tuition.. chemistry.. every wed.. go where? ? ? MAC D!! hahaha.. then go tuition buat bising.. haha.. played with jw.. disturb him.. tap his back.. wah.. lol!! that time.. at least we were MORE mature.. do stuffs all like an adult.. haha.. go pyramid.. celebrate birthdays together!! OWH OWH BIRTHDAY!! REMEMBER ALEX LIEW!!!!?!?!?!? hahahahahahahaha... bowling mate.. haha.. 1 2 3 4.. bowwwlllllll.. lol... hmm.. form 4 and 5 damn slot of stuffs lar.hmm..YEA YEA!! badminton times.. hahaha.. damn funny sometimes when we played like a monkey!!! other than that.... most of them also not really important la rite?? well enough of memories..there are just to many to mentioned here.. so let it just remain in our memory k? lol.. sound DAMN KAO GAY!! but for u i will be gay for one day by writting all this lar.. hahaha..

COLLEGE!!! !haiz.. not long .. not long.. finally we same class again!! of course.. we appealled.. remember how u went and talk to MS PREMa?? haha.. then we started to reqruit our gang members?? danny.. nic.. han hwa.. haha..well.. 5 months with us.. but still there's some fun memories like U NOE WAT.. hahaha.. studied till late night in mac d?? hahaha.. susan boyle.. haha..

knowing that u leaving of course damn sad.. cuase for the pass years.. we were like TOGETHER always.. where we go.. what we do.. almost similar.. as in.. go out hang kai.. yam cha.. also together.. but now.. how?? hahaha..u NS i selangor? come back once a week.. haizz.and as u said.. sometimes when u ajak me out.. i might be bz..wat lar.. local u nice meh?? HAHAH!! anyway.. its ur decision..ur choise mate..

i would like to just THANK U SO MUCH for everything.. ALL THE BEST!!! and as i said.. no need worry lar.. u;ll be cmoing back almost everyweek.. u have ur hand phone.. still can chit chat wan.. haha.. as long as u dun forget me.. i wont forget u.. =D =D =D...wat eva u do.. i dun think u;ll have any problem la rite? BUT GOOD LUCK ANYWAY!! hahaha.. =D

darn.. its not that emotional after all.. sry lar if its not a really nice wan.. =D enjoy ur moments there.. hopefully can find someone like me la?? haha.. i got PENG HAN.. HWA.. so still okay lar.. LOL!!!!!! danny also ditch me d.. haizz.. i wan emo d... lol!! anyway folks.. wats so nice of this ending?? damn boring rite?? so i think i should put something to spice up eveyrthing.. and hope u guys enjoy it.. of course him self too.. i;m gonna post a VIDEO.. made by LAM JER RENN and gang.. its a good vid.. loved it.. hahaha..*in the next post*

anyway ph.. sry lar.. this is not the best post i can do.. not feeling well mate.. got to get some rest.. u take care..all the best.. keep on contacting ya.. infrom me when u back or something.. try to adjust time.. hehehehe.... OWH YEA!! PIANO MACAM MANA SIFU??? hahahahahaahaha.. pass me ur piano lar.. give me ur old hse key or something.. so i can go during weekends to practice.. hahahaha!!!

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