Saturday, May 9, 2009

ai cho cho... naughty naughty...

haiz.. not i lazy ar peeps.. blogspot got prob yesterday.. cant log in.. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jUST KIDDING!!! MAY FOOL!! hahahahahaa... sorry blogspot.. i dint mean to do that.. pls dun suspend me or something.. PLEASE!! pretty pretty please?? i was just pulling my frens legs.. hahahaha.. anyway..sry lar.. yesterday too tired.. hahaha!!!

ANYWAY.. yesterday was quite a free day..sad day and exciting day..vague huh?? continue reading then...yesterday was quite free cause 2 teachers dint enter our class.. so we sort of like have 3 hours break.. why we got so many free periods.. becuase.. somehting SAD happened.. better not reveal it here.. not nice.. but it was seriously a shocking and sad news.. haiz... nowadays.. cant really predict wats happneing next... well.. exciting and fun becuase we had "FAREWELL PARTY" FOR MR CHEAH PENG HAN!!

hmm.. today.. college mates was supposed to have a small makan with mr cheah.. but i PRESUME.. he scared he cry cause too touched.. so he dint no lunch.. but as i told Pei Wern to susah payah bring the camera.. i went round class and took pictures..some candid some nonsence.. some nice.. hahaha.. but overall.. it was candid.. and i would like to apologizze specially to PENG HAN HWA.. yes 2 diff ppl.. one CHEAH PENG HAN.. the other PENG HAN HWA.. lol!! anyway.. sorry mate.. took a few of ur pic sleeping.. but can compansate with the wan i took when u wearing sun glasses wan lar rite?? hahah.. forgive me wei.. hahaha dun take revenge.. not good..=D=D... so the whole day.. i was the CAMERA MAN!! kinda fun taking ppl;s picture and getting cursed.. LOL!!!

After college.. it was nightmare for me.. cuase this mr cheah say he duwan go out.. i was like.. OMG!! we plan everything.. 20 ppl waiting in pyramid now and u duwanna go???!?!?!?! i gave all sorts of excuse.. and try to persuade him to come out.. THANK GOD!!! i;m such a good persuader.. so i manage to get him to come and fecth me.. hahah..i shall say the surprise was a success as he din;t know anything until we walkin in the restaurant.. SMART waiteress said it was for 20 packs.. and mr cheah heard.. LOL!!so he sort of noe something was going to happend.. but anyway.. good job.. special thanks to LEONG YUET YIN LAM JERRENN AND TEOH YONG BIN.. of course others who attended and enjoyed with him.. thanks for coming=D

the party strated off abit quiet as the place we were sitting was like separeted?? well.. partly my fault for not helping much... sorry.. anyway.. they manage to shift us to a bigger table where things started to be better.. we can chat easier and talk better.. so THE PARTY HAS JUST BEGUN!!! hahaha.. everyone ordered the food.. and here comes the 2nd surprise where MR CHEAH NEVER EXPECTED IT AT ALL!! a slide show specially done by MR LAM JER RENN!! with of course yy and yb.. and main actor.. HENG JIA WEI.. LOL!!.. if i get the vid.. i;ll surely post.. its like.. damn nice.. hahaha.. all his CUTE pictures..all candid.. superb.. well done!! FYI!! his face was so RED when he was seeing it.. he was like.. wTH wth wth wth through out the whole slide show.. hahaha..

well.. food arrived and it was their happy hour.. owh.. i dint mention where are we rite?? SORRY!! we were in ZEN MAI.. sunway pyramid.. above kim gary? got the rought idea?? haha.. anyway.. their happy hour was kinda noisy.. like ppl shouting here and there saying happy hour.. so we tak syok.. we also feel liks shouting.. so we YAM SENG with mr cheah.. BUT!! yam seng was like.. OLD FASHION!! so we changed it.. and it was.. PPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
HHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!(peng han with the dragging all) lol.. well it dint turn out very well.. so we changed it to..
PPPPPPIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN GGGGGGUUUUUUUU!!(pingu) his nick name btw.. that moment everythihng was heated up.. haha.. everyone was high.. laugh here laugh there.. talk as loud as we want.. no one stop us.. like wat the G3 teacher did to my class.. LOL!! anyway..
pictures were taken of course.. but as usuall i dun ahve it with me currently.. no camera..:(

after dinner.. we went for a movie.. star trek.. sry ph.. knew u dint like the show.. but no other choise.. sry mate.. but to be honest with u guys.. it was not too bad.. just abit too long.. 6/10 maybe?? hahaha.. after the show.. every one chowed.. and we went back home.. haha.. THE END!! lol..

anyway.. congrats to those who successfully passed their JPA interview.. and for those who din;t... ITS NOT THE END OF UR LIFE!!! cheeerrrr up!!! feel down or anything?? talk to me:D:D.. hahahah..and hopefully i can help...=D

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