Saturday, May 23, 2009

OUT with my EX...... SKULMATES..=D

hahahaha... went out with my FAMILY Wei... that wan seriously FAMILY liao.. damn fun.. wonder when my college life will ahve a family?? hahaha..anyway.. it was IMAN leaving us this time.. so we gaved him a surprise.. AND IT WORK OUT LIKE SO WELL!!!! hahahaah.. he was TOTALLY shocked..thanks to LEONG YUET YIN AGAIN.. hahah.

HAiz.. actually..i;m so lucky.. have such great frens...out with them can say ANYTHING I WAN!!! gOSSIP.. talk bad about ppl.. talk STUFFS.. random topics.. laugh.. talk out loud.. ANYTHING!!! haiz.. miss them.. miss the time we had.. last year.. EVERYDAY CRAP!! bullSHIT!! lepak together.. now.. hardly.. haiz..

come to think of it.. secondary skul is the BEST... what is there to worry??!?!?!??!!?!? u can do anything.. as long as its not against the skul rule.. OR break it secretly... chit chat with teachers that u meet for so long d.. help them..ejek them.. LOL!!! DAMN.. those were the days.. well i;ve got to agree that now we are so free.. also can do anything we want.. but if we fall.. we will really fall badly... dun do work.. wont be scold or nag by teacher.. but results will tell u that u SUCK!!!! haizz... dun do assignments.. finals will be affected... HAIZZ!!!! WORST OF ALL.. COLLEGE NEED TO PAY!!! Hahahahahhahahaahhaha... i wan go back skul.. go back form 6?? hahahahahahaha..

=( memories..... can release stress rite.... so i must release....


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