Friday, May 29, 2009

wat an AMAZING day!!!

wohoo... today was so COOL wei..did many fantastic stuffs.. well maybe not did lar.. experience.. hmmm not the right term to use also.. WATEvA LAR!!.. =D

1. drove down to kl twice in 2 days!!! COOL RITE?? haha.. not that amazing lar.. but for me its amazing cuase i drove a manual car down kl.. hehehehehe.. super hard wei.. u noe la banyak kereta.. plus te lorong i went quite small lar.. pro d.. *not to mention almost accident so many times for breaking too slow... kena scream kao kao* say jw somemore lar.. sendiri pun sama.. HAHAHA!!
2. Since i drove down to kl.. i was SMARTED d.. u noe why?? i went through SMART TUNNEL!!!! woohoo.. twice somemore.. FELLOW SAM MATES!! BEWARE!! i;m SMARTER NOE!! SO LAME!!!!

3. i DROVE MORE THAN 160KM/H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D was in NPE.. from kl to sunway that highway... fuyoh... SHHHH!!! please dun go tell the police...LAME RITE?? hehehehe... too bad i no picture to prove my self.. wat to do.. driving at such speed wan me take out camera somemore meh... i not that pro lar.. no worries.. NEXT TIME!!! i;ll take a photo and prove i've reached 160km/h OR more before.. =D =D *showing my cool face.. with sunglasses all* duwan take pic d.. after shar say its PRICELESS.. too useless until no value.. HAIH!!

3. PLAYED BADMINTON AGAIN!! hahaa.. with the usual us.. plus my juniors.. fuyoh.. tiring!! my juniors was like bullying me!! smash me kao kao.. hahaha wat to do.. "state player" not that pro lar... hahahahaha!!! but good training for me.. i feel my backhand now IMPROVED!! *WATEVA* Muahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha.. thanks to my juniors!! thanks aLOT!! =D =D

4. CLEAN HOUSE!! haha.. so messy my house now.. gosh..17 years with maid.. now without maid.. house in a MESS!! damn sad.. haha..sweep floor.. mop floor.. wash plates.. wash clothes.. hang them.. keep them.. iron them.. fulamak.. banyak kerja man..but okay lar.. kan holiday??


anyway.. do u guys realised i used the word COOL MAN.. LAME LAR.. WHATEVA alot in this post??? u noe why not...cuase i watched I:M NOT STUPID TOO!!! honestly wei.. that show is stupid..really lame..but its super meaningful and SUPER DUPER WOPER touching...U NOE WHY I SAID THAT!! hahaa.. anyone noes wats FAMILY not?!?!? its

Father And Mother I Love You

cool rite?? seriously.. who dint watch that show must MUST must MUST must MUST watch...and dun just watch just for the sake of the lameness and the funny acts.. watch for the MEANING!! but i;m sure if u watch it.. u;ll definitely get it..nice show nice show.. haahah

ANYWAY FOLKS!! i;m going Penang tomorrow morning.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i beg u.. DO NOT MISS ME!!! hahahahahahahahaha.. syok sendiri king la me.. forgive me.. chow:D:D:D

REMEMBER!! do not miss me..

can remember not??

remember wat i just said??

why r u still reading.. miss me ar??

bye bye lar...


i noe u miss me lar.. enough.. stop!!


hello? hahaha.. caught u there..

LAME! chow:D

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