Sunday, May 3, 2009

WAH LIAO EH!!! whole day about microwave..

WHAT IS MICROWAVE?? is it good?? harmful? why microwave? zzzzzzzzzz.. today was phy day.. from morning till now i did phy only..haiz..and 1st sem is like 2 weeks time!! i wonder how am i gonna pass with flying colours.. :( :(..

This week's date line and up coming events.. monday... PHY EXPERIMENT... tuesday.. PHY REPORT TO PASS UP!! wed.. ESL FINAL REPORT!!! thursday.. MATHS QUIZ!!.. gosh.. wat a busy week.. but of course.. i;ve experience busier week.. so i think i can get through this week gua.. haha.. hopefully..

BUT!! no matter how busy..i will still not forget to watch BRITAIN GOT TALENT!! and also blog!!! hahahahahahaha.. i;m going to say this again... BRITAIN GOT TALENT WEI!! i;m telling u.. each episode.. there is surely somehting nice to watch.. 1st episode.. of course there is thie SUSAN BOYLE and FLAWLESS.. they are like the best in the 1st episode.. second episode.. came many brilliant ones also..Shaheen Jafargholi young singer..julian smith.. 3rd episode.. diversity..hollie steel.. and the 4th..JAMIE pugh and sue son...oh gosh.. they;ll be in the finals.. seriously...i wonder how many more states they going for auditions.. its like there are already so many talented ppl.. how they choose lar?? hahaha..anyway.. i would like to apologize to POH VINCI and LIM MAY ZHEN for distracting u all.. just wanted to show u all that britains got talent..hahaha..hopefully u can finish ur assignments.. sorry if u cant finish becuase of me.. :D:D..

Gosh..itching all the way.. thanks to the nuts i ate yesterday..haiz.... suffering!! pimples semua keluaring.. hahahaha..anyway.. one short one today.. got to do my assignments now:D:D chows

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