Sunday, May 31, 2009


Finally reached back home after a 2 days 1 night trip in Penang.. but anyway.. penang was fun... if and only if we are there longer.. we'll go for food each hour again like wat we did in MELACCA.. hahaha..

the time we left.. supposed to be 10!!! but WE MALAYSIAN!! obviously we must follow our TIMING!! so we left 1 hour 33 min later than expected.. =D

k lar.. maybe not just SLEEP lar.. got read storybook also lar.. HAHAH!!!*just for the sake of the shot.. after that tutup d..*=D

TOUCH DOWN!!! but not in penang.. in butterworth.. ANYWAY.. 1st things 1st.. FOOD!!!!!! wah.. syok.. hahahaah

from that small stall over there onli... cool rite?? old man still striving hard to earn money.. LEONG YI XIAN.. start studying hard lar u!!!!!

After lunch.. which wat at about 4.. we officially entered PENANG!!!.. the penang bridge.. =D

Penang's TWIN TOWER.. hahaha..

This is where my GOD-parents stay.. its called U-garden

In the lift on the way up to the 21 floor.. Father Mother Brother and I..


Father and Mother

God Father and God Mother

The two SISTERS!!!

Cousins..who is also my God sister and God brother... from right
God sister(sis Andora),her husband(koko Jim), God Brother (koko Nixon), his wife(sis Su Theng)

MY SON!!!! hahahaah.. his cute rite?? my God parents babysitting him.. so cute.. Saun Liew..

Penang trip was fun.. u wanna noe why??? cuase i DROVE THERE!! hahaha...honestly.. roads here is better than the roads there.. not because it is not even or something.. but the TRAFFIC!!! cars are okay... but the motorbikes are SCARY!!! they can just fly pass u like nothing.. or even pass the red light.. turn here and there like the OWN THE ROAD.. so if u r driving in penang for 1 month...u;ll be a PRO!!! hahaha
the food there is also a few pictures of the food there.. but dunno why comp so sloW!! hard to upload here..
so folks did u guys miss me?? HAHAHAH!!!thats all for now lar.. comp super laggy...:(

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