Monday, May 11, 2009

A day without PENG HAN.. LOL!!

hmm.. before start.. ppl kept on saying my blog is too long.. zzzzzz.. MS sHARLENE MR DANNY MR NIC!! it really that bad?? i MEAN yea.. i mention from morning to night.. but i mention wan most of it is funny events rite?? least i;m not like.. "today.. i woke up at 7 35min and 27 seconds.. today abit late d.. normally i wake up 7 29min and 59 sec and thats supposed to be my latest wei!!ANYWAY.. i go bathe straight away.. wah the water super hot.. so i turn the temp down until GAM GAM HOE..after bathing i wanted to brush my teeth.. but i forgotten my toothpaste finish liao.. so i wrap my self with towel and go my parents toilet for some tooth paste.."" HAHAHA!! I:M NOT THIS BAD RITE?!?!?!?!?!?! lol...anyway.. sorry lar.. it would be better if i have wider vocab and flowery language.. haha.. anyway.. thanks for ur comments:D:D

Wokie.. now its time to talk abt a day without ph.. haha.. actually its normal lor.. i mean during class is the same as we seldom talk.. onli times when its super boring.. only during break times where today.. onli HAN HWA and i went for break.. damn sad.. HAHA!! but okay lar.. got to rush for bio anyway.. but mana tahu.. FALSE ALARM.. no need do today.. =D well.. a day without ph quite sad lar.. BUT NOT REALLY THAT SAD LAR.. =D not like someone else.. "ahem" i would like to mention this again. WHO EAT THE CHILLI TASTE THE SPICY!! LOL!!!!

OH! OH!.. according to our college psychologist.. WRITTING BLOG CAN RELEASE STRESS!!! hahaahha.. so i;ll update as many times as possible to release stress.. but ppl say i write to long.. so gain back the stress.. haiz!! *JUST JOKING!!*

darn.. i seriously wondering how am i gonna finish the 10k.. today i so lazy go jogging d.. HAHA!! one reason was legs aching.. another is got hw.. last is.. LAZY!! haha. .wish me luck..

is this short enough?? hopefully u mange to read until this sentence and not half way through:D chowzzzzzzzzzzzz

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