Thursday, May 28, 2009


yesterday and today i was the CHEF of the house... bangga wei.. with no specific and special training.. i manage to COOK!!!

well lets spies things up.. i;ll invent a "convo between me and the devil me" to give u all a clear picture of how GOOD was i as a chef=D

ME: WOHOO!! i'm such a good cook..

DEVIL: oh really.. i dint noe peeling potatoes skin off and washing vege is called a good chef??like that means EVERYONE IN THE WORLD can be a GOOD COOK LAR!!?!?!?!?!?!?

ME: cheh that wan chef job wat.. without that how to cook??

DEVIL: ic ic.. so why not u tell ur fren wat happens next??

ME: grrr..well.. ignore that devil.. anyway.. i peeled the potatoes skin off.. cut it in to cubes

DEVIL: CUBES?!!?!?!? u call that cubes?? or rubbish??

ME: zzzzz.. WEll.. it was kinda out of shape.. but FASHION LA DEI!! square square where got nice..must have some triangle.. rectangle.. square and so on mar..ANYWAY.. it was curry.. i cooked curry.. hehehehehehe...

DEVIL: go on.. the story doesnt end here rite??

ME: erm.. TADA!! the food is cooked and everyone eat lor... =D =D good rite??

DEVIL: and i thought i was the devil and the EVIL one..but u r WORST!!... 1st of all.. the curry was already cooked.. ME just heat it up with his weird shape potatoes.. 2ndly.. it was left there for more than 10 min when its supposed to be 5 min onli... SO EVERYTHING WAS BURNED!!! supposing there is KUAH but ended up.. it became KUAH-less.. LOSER!!!! BUUU!!!



LOL!! hope u guys enjoyed it..i noe its lame stupid waste of time.. but i enjoyed it.. HAAHAH!!

took me quite some time to get that stupid picture.. damn i;m not a photogenic!!!!

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