Tuesday, May 26, 2009

BADMINTON!!! after a long time..

FINALLY!! we manage to have a badminton game.. after almost 1 MONTH not touching my racquet.. i finally got to play.. I:VE GOT TO SAY!! stamina all out.. normally we can play for a long time.. but today.. after half an hour.. TIRED LIAO!!!

it was the usual us.. Sai Cheong Jer Renn Jia Wei and I.. well.. of course JIAWEI was the substitute's substitute's substitute... HAHAHA!!! since our 4th member MR CHeAH PENG HAN went to matric.. we called Gabriel to sub him..but unfortunately.. he had food poisoning.. so he could not join us.. therefore.. we tried calling HIS sub.. which was Kean Weng OR Shawn... but non of them are free as well.. so our last resort.. or rather our LAST sub.. LOL!!!! damn bad.. MR HENG JIA WEI!! ahahahahah.. so he joined us.. for him its quite hard to play with us since we are the "STATE PLAYER" =D =D.. but as a beginner.. his not bad.. learn quite fast.. MAYBE he has 4 GOOD teachers to teach him.. hahahaha..

Today i was also a driver.. 1st fetch my brother back from skul.. drove my mum to carefour to buy some stuffs..drove to SRI MELUR YAMCHA.. with parents.. haha.. but driving is FUN!!! dunno why some of them say it;ll be boring after a while.. for me its COOLL!!! maybe i still not yet PASS my PARENTS licence yet.. yea.. still until L for my parents.. they dun trust me enough!! hahahaa.. anyway speaking of driving.. i had a MINI accident yesterday.. IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE!!! haha.. bz bangging Jiawei's driving and i forgotten to state my own mistake.. haha.. anyway.. i SMARTLY did a 3 point turn.. while i was reversing.. i was too fast and bang the tree behind me.. THANK GOD NOTHING SERIOUS HAPPENED!!! no scratches.. no damage.. the tree still standing.. lucky it wasn;t a concrete wall or something..if no parents licence got to extend even longer!! hahaha..

still waiting for the hospital's reply... zzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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