Wednesday, May 6, 2009


YES!!! I FINALLY GOT AN OFFER FROM SOMEBODY!!!!! no no.. not JPA.. no no not martic.. ITS FORM 6!!! muahahahahhaah.. i got offer wei.. thats damn rare.. seldom get offers.. lol!!! posted to SMK SS17... but sry lar.. got to turn down that offer..*wah.. macam pro ni*

ahahah..anyway.. since SHAR said i write too long.. i shall brief things up.. haiz.. did practical during chem today.. dunno why.. always cannot finish up that experiment.. just SIMPLE TITRATION!! did it since like form 2?? got pic to show i did before somemore...

I SWEAR TO GOD!! I WAS NOT POSING!! to be honest.. i dun even noe this picture is taken until it was tag in my facebook.. haha.. thanks to JERRY CHUA.. if not i also dunno i got this pic..

haha.. anyway..SHAR.. saw how serious am i not?? u sure u still wan to be my lab partner? LOL!! must do properly wan noe.. hahaha..*talk until i like damn pro* anyway..just kidding ya.. wont stare at u yea.. practical was kinda hard.. dunno how to do the real wan later on.. kantoi man..somemore the reading must be the same as MANY YEARS EXPERIENCED TEACHER!! !if not.. minus marks.. haizz!!! will see how lar..

finally.. passed up our ESL report.. wohoo!!! its like.. TADAAA!!! the stone in our heart just go out.. like that.. hahaha...anyway.. this POH VINCI AR... very the horrible terrible incredible uncomfortable and many other table wan lor.. go take my corn chain.. JR!! see wat my classmates do.. 1st.. this PH go plug out one corn.. then this VINCI help me to take everything away.. hahaha.. terrible classmates.. all bully me.. wan cry d.. patutla just now that class so wet.. HAHAHAHA.. i cried lor... LOL!!! anyway.. i better stop be4 SHAR say its too long againn.. CHOW:D:D

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