Saturday, May 9, 2009

WeSaK DaY!~!!~!~!~!~!~

happy wesak day to all..:D.. today was wesak day therefore.. it was TEMPLE DAY!! so we went to the temple.. and guess wat.. i was blessed TRICE!! the morning.. it was yamcha 1st in hassan with my EX...... skul mates..haha..we went hassan for a drink and breakfast before going to the temple..i ate roti bom.. so my stomach was BOOMED.. haha.. reached temple abot 10.. walked around and meet many juniors... as our skul is helping SJBA out in giving out candles and joystick plus flowers out to ppl who come and pray.. so we chatted with some of them and let them be as they were all bz with their respective jobs appointed by the leader.. so we surrounded the temple.. and went in to the blessing hall.. prayed and got blessed... so that was 1st!!

NEXT!! my mum said shes coming.. and added that i shuold repay back to the buddha for guiding and supporting me to get such results in SPM.. therefore i waited for her..walking around the temple.. Jerrenn decided to go up there for some blood donation and medical checkup.. jia wei and yong bin went for the medical checkup while yuet jerrenn and i was loiterring around the temple compound again..till a point where we walked almost EVERYWHERE.. we decided to go to SUMMIT!!.. for DARK BERRY MOCHA FRAPPOCINO(sry bout the spelling) haha..*well now i would like the ppl in starbucks to not curse me for misspell it..indirectly promoting for u all.. HAHAHA!!* so yea.. we tried that.. and it was FANTASTIC!!! quite nice.. shared with my "darling" jrlam:D.. guess whos that.. haha.. so u one sip.. i one sip.. until we finish the LARGE cup.. the chair we sat were so comfy.. soft and like..brings mood to sleep.. haha.. YES even after the coffee.. the effect is there.. haha..well.. after we drink finish.. we went back to the temple..

before that.. jia wei came an join us after his checkup.. and when he came.. he told us that he went and see some guy that can see his health through his hands.. so i was kinda curious on how it works and went and see him... there he goes.. touch touch my hand.. pinch here and there.. and he say.. hmmm.. ur back there got problem..must drink lots of water..and.. here comes the hard to do part.... he says.. aND.. EAT MORE VEGE!!!!;(:(:( i;ve got to start eating la rite? haha..anyway.. until then my mum was not there yet as my bro was not feeling well.. so parents was bringing him to see doc..while waiting.. i went to jia wei's house..spend sometime there.. and my parents came.. SO.. after the long STory!! i lost count.. was it the 2nd time or the 3rd time i;m going to the hall?? haha oh oh.. its hte 2nd.. yup.. it actaully started for few minutes d.. but we were still allowed to go in.. so we went it and prayed.. but after that.. my mum went and buy the robe for the monks for me to pay back to the monks.. and there goes the 3RD TIME!! wohoo..hahahahaha...

after praying... father wants to bring me and buy shoe for the 10k run this 28th june.. anyone wanna join??still can.. ask me for more info.. haha..anyway.. the shop he took me was small.. but PROFESSIONAL!!! haha.. 1st.. he asked me to "CAT WALK".. to see hows my leg.. and he said.. my leg very good... MUHAHAHAHAHAAH.. he said.. out of 10.. can onli get 1 or 2 ppl with such STABLE legs.. lol.. damn kembang d that time.. so he showed me the shows i was allowed to wear.. which is practically eVERYTHING.. so i slowly see.. not bad lar.. OH OH!! before that.. he measured my shoe size.. O - M - G!!! the way he measured was super cool.. i dunno how to explain it here.. but it was extraodinary.. i dunno whether u guys seen it before or not.. but for me.. it was the 1st time.. superd machine.. thanks to ENGINEERS!! hahaha.. so he measured and it was abt 8-9 like TADA!! got a running shoe.. when wanan go jogging?? hahahahahaha...

well after show.. mum AS usual showed her GIRL characteristic.. SHOPPING!!! hahaha.. so she was in pavillion.. as the shop between the shoe and pavillion as kinda near.. so my father dropped her there and we went to the shoe shop.. yea.. 2 diff malls.. so yea.. went there shopping... or rather WINDOW shopping.. haha..then chow.. balik rumah.. hahahahahah thats abt it lar:D

so yea.. if there u guys got interest in the run.. inform me MATES!! :D:D

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