Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SIcK SooN!!!

i;m falling sick rEAL soon.. damn.. 1st sem next week somemore.. need to make full use of my time..but i got to start resting be4 all my system HIBERNATES!! argh!!! dead-ed man.... last min somemore lar!! haiz..

1st sem starting next week.. nice to hear is.. ONLY 3 DAYS.. but not nice to hear is.. 3 days for 5 subjects... HAIZZ!! 2 out of the 3 days got to sit for 2 examinations.. how lar wei?? the longest exam during SPM was.. owh.. 2 hours plus plus.. so i think this 2 hours test should be okay gua?? seriously.. think i;m gonna flunk.. BUT!! why think so negatively!!! must always be positive.. YES YES!! think positive.. U CAN DO IT!!! wohoo.. yeah.. i can do it.. HAHAHA!!!

`~BoRed Me~`
it feels so short.. i;m so not used to it.. hahaha.. anyway.. i shall leave it as it is.. ChOwzz

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