Monday, May 25, 2009

KL DAY!!!!!

today went down to kl at abt 8 and go back home at abt 11!!! lol.. all the way down to kl to pass a letTER!!! hahahaahah

the reason to go KL was to attend an hospital attachment in GHKL.. so i;ve decided to follow my dad down to his office and go to GHKL form there.. the monorail was not far from my father office.. so i went there and head to CHOW KIT ROAD from jalan raja chulan.. damn.. so confusing..AHAHAHAH!! anyway. .i went chow kit.. LOL!!!

after i reach there.. i;ve got to follow my instincts.. well.. guys instincts is never good.. so i went the wrong way of course... from 5 min to GHKL i took abt 10-15 min.. LOL!!!!!.. plus i wore FORMAL.. so i was sweating like no body business..when i reach there.. my other frens all NOT FORMAL!! so i was the onli wan.. hahaha.. but sadly.. i cannot stay longer.. got to chow right after that.. :(:(.. so from then onwards.. i understand how my class KTM boy felt..

KTM SUCKS WEI!! haha.. timing quite chun.. but inside there.. haiz.. not nice... air cond leaking wan.. somemore got tourist in there.. i wonder wat will they think.. "eh eh eh... malaysia ni.. everywhere also leak.. too hot d is it.." " eyer.. someone peeing ar??" LOL!! imagine this.. they were standing there.. after few stops.. they moved to another place!! haizz.. MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!! yay...

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