Saturday, May 2, 2009

Down to MELAKA.. The Historical State!! =D

wohoo.. time to fetch my grandpa from MELAKA!! so we went down and fetch aunt came along too.. my grandpa must be so happy that we all went down and fetch him back.. :D..YEA I DROVE!!! COOL RITE??? hahaha.. u guys believe?? thats the last thing my father will let me do wei.. hahahahahaha... anyway.. it was sort of a day trip for my family too.. as we went there and the eating system starts.. hahaha.. somehow.. dun ask me why..but our stomach can sense that we are in somewhere where we can eat aloT!!! so it expands for us to comsume as much food as possible.. hahaah!! seriously.. it happends in melaka and penang.. even my aunt and mum who doesnt eat alot ate so much just now..k k.. here goes the story..

As we all know.. melaka is known for its baba nonya food, CENDOL, SATAY!!! haha.. today we left home about 2pm becuase we waited for my aunt.. so we reached there about 4 and from then onwards..its EATING TIME!!! WOHOO!!.. haha.. 1st stop.. it was satay!!! they have pork and chicken.. but of course.. we went there for their pork satay as we can hardly get pork satay here!! in kl.. so we ate and ate and ate.. the tauke was like.. still wan to add?? YES!!! after 5 min.. everything gone.. and he;ll ask again.. wan somemore??? YES!! hahahahahaa... so ended up.. the 8 of us.. we ate about 60 sticks.. and 24 out of the 60 came from me... HAHAHA

Now.. its the 2nd shop.. CENDOL!!!! hahahaha..FOR UR INFO!! it was right after satay.. we moved to the cendol shop.. cant remember the name though.. its was super nice.. very famous place.. alot of ppl..when we reach the shop.. the line to buy the cendol was so long..but still.. why waste the effort of our beloved stomach?? expand until so big but dun fill it up.. so we waited for it.. mum and dad line up while the others find a place to sit..finally the cendol arrived.. O-M-G.. the gula melaka i tell u.. its SUPERB!!! makes the cendol taste so good.. not onli that.. the ice was so smooth..but the main thing that make it nice was still the gula melaka.. its like HEAVEN!!! hahaha..r u guys drooling already?? LOL!! anyway..after a mum suddenly asked if we wan to try the nonya laksa?? at 1st.. we all say.. nvm lar.. later got dinner.. safe stomach for dinner lar..THEN.. some smart alex say.. one bowl lar?hahaha..guess who.. who else lar rite?? lol!! so my mum went and queue up again.. as usual it was quite a long queue.. but as i mentioned earlier.. why waste the stomach?? haha..after 5 min.. the food arrive.. and guess wat.. i mentioned 1 bowl rite??? my mum went and order 2 BOWLS!! ahahahaha.. but still we finished it.. or rather.. i finished most of it.. all push it to me.. so WHY WASTE FOOD RITE?? some ppl out there no food u noe..takkan u wan me to waste meh.. so i've got to eat rite??:D:D

at was time for a break.. we went to my uncle's rest our loaded tummy.. not to say its full..but still need some rest lar..:D my aunt.. she has a piano at home.. so we played it until dinner time.. she is a piano teacher.. so she was playing a few songs.. NOT BAD WEI.. well of course lar rite? hahaha.. said never train for so long but still produce song..i feel like playing piano now wei.. hahahaha.. but buying one piano to practice need about 60k.. where to get the money wor?? drop from sky meh.. haiz!! so hope dashed.. anyway.. i learnt a new song today.. haha.. not to say a song lar.. but one melody lar.. if thats wat u call it..quite fun.. haha..actually music is so cool.. regreted not joining when i was younger.. now NO POINT CRYING OVER SPILT MILK RITE?? wah.. dint noe my eng so chun.. haaha...

well.. after susah payah playing piano.. time for dinner!!! went to some baba nonya food place..fuyoh.. syok ar!! hahaha..asam fish.. otak otak.. chicken.. taufoo(grandpa fav)..gosh.. i;m hungry again.. hahaha..after more food wei!!! its like almost explode.. anyway.. we went back home after dinner..slept all the way..until when i wake up.. i really woke up.. cuase ALMOST MET INTO AN ACCIDENT!! hahaha..oh oh.. we actually went for supper when we are back home.. hahahahaha.. really eating fenzy wei..

nah ooi eelyn.. no error rite?? check properly d.. haha..if got mistake means i mmg dunno how to spell. u noe how bad my eng is lar rite?:D thats it mates:D

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