Sunday, May 10, 2009


Good Morning folks..(assuming u reading it in the moring and assuming i post it in the morning) i would like to wish HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL MOTHERS OUT THERE!! haha.. including U!! yes u.. the wan who is reading my blog now?? come on.. dun deny.. =D anyway.. mothers day is a very important day for the mothers.. therefore we as their children should spend time with out respective mother... =D

Today my mother did enjoy a little.. had lunch in a newly open dimsum.. well.. service there was kinda bad.. but food got to say NOT BAD... average.. haha..after lunch..nothing much.. mum went carefour.. while me do my home work!! haiz...sound like a bad boy.. never treat my mum well.. SO!! i decided to go for a walk with my mum.. also wanted to try out my new NEW BALANCED shoe.. so i pergi jalan jalan with my mummy.. wah liao eh... i dunno how am i gonna finish 10km on the 28 JUNE 2009.. seriously.. i dunno how long was one round lar.. but i onli could went 3 roundS!!!! damn.. my stamina.. all GONE!! down to the drain.. follow up to the monsoon drain.. to small river.. to the sea.. to the RUBBISH ISLAND somewhere in the ocean.. damn.. all my hard work since young wasted...haha.. anyway.. my whole body aching now... think i;m gonna fall sick anytime soon.. 1st mum spread to my bro now... its gonna be ME!! argh!! strating with throat pain d.. gosh.. dun lar wei.. 1st sem next week.. got to stay up late to study!!!! haizz...

so after thr tough run.. it was dinner time.. and guess wat.. we went to LYNN's RESTAURANT!! yea.. one of our class mate.. LEONG HUI LYNN.. but no lar.. dun think its hers.. there is a lynn there. but not hui lynn.. hahaha!! dun kill me lynn.. i;m innocent.. haha.. anyway.. the food there is not too bad.. just SERVICE again abit out.. ordered 4 mushroom.. come 1... 10 min later another 2.. after everyones dinner last wan came.. LOL!! plus my parents all wore shorts.. onli i smart wan wear longs so they all kena mosquito bite.. while i was FREE from them!! mauahahah.. but i was kinda tired during the dinner.. seriously falling sick liao.. DARN!!! klar.. its time to dedicate a post to my fren.. cya!! hope u guys enjoyed ur mothers day celebration:D

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