Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WAT IF!!! i wasn't a prefect..

hehe.. sorry for the late post.. well.. its an idea of EElyn and JERrenn to write this topic.. "what will i be if i wasn't a prefect...


Well.. i was not a prefect since form 1.. actually attempted to be one but FAILED!! haha.. so i actaully dint bother abt it until form 4.. when one senior.. *damn forgotten who* i think it was weng seng.. he came and call me and zaffrin to the staff room.. THATS WHERE IT ALL STARTED!! my life as a prefect begin after that call..
I was SO DAMN NERVOUS when weng seng*i think* told me PN MAH ( our discipline teacher) wanted to see us..our class that time was quite far.. so i was thinking of the possibilities of her calling me to see her..
1. ponteng class?? dun think so gua..
2. vandalise?? NO.. dint do anything wrong..
3. never do hw?? possible.. but why she pula wanna see me??
4. smoke.. NO WAY!!!
5. come late too many times?? haha.. maybe..

well.. those were wat i was thinking off.. but non of them seems to be some big issue for her to see me.. AND ANOTHER POINT!! zAFFRIN WAS SUCH A GOOD BOY!! he definitely do not have any prob.. well there goes.. me imagining wat will happen to me..

after a "LONG" walk.. we finally reached the staff room..and she said.."some one suggested u all to join the prefectorial board.. u no need to noe who.. but u all wan to join or not?? no hurry.. u can give me ur answers tomorrow.." i was stunned.. WHO WILL SUGGEST ME TO BE A PREFECT?!?!?!?! hahaha.. well until now i still dunno.. so yea.. the next day we agreed.. and after interview.. we became PROBATES~~!!!

Partying in the BILIK PENGAWAS

hahahaha.. i have no idea wat was i doing

life as a prefect at 1st was not very nice.. as we were new.. we do not dare to catch ppl.. or mess with ppl who is a big time gangster.. so we just quietly do wat we are supposed to do.. nothing more.. nothing less.. from then on.. i was quite active in my co curriculum.. joined the RED cresent society.. and was active there.. well anyway.. talking abt prefect now so yea..

IF I WASn't a prefect.. it will be the normal me.. just a normal guy.. in class.. doing homework.. play in class.. and so on..and life will seriously be so so so boring... BEING a prefect was really fun.. exciting.. the number of frens i have INCREASED.. from a little to PLENTY!! haha.. from then on.. my confidence also increases.. i;ve the courage to face gangsters.. speak up.. talk to juniors.. advice them.. scold them.. LOL!! i;ve learn how to organise stuffs properly.. and most importantly. TEAM WORK!!.. we were a big family.. cared for each other.. work with each other.. strive hard for each other.. those times were seriously FANTASTIC!!!

PREFECTS!!! haha.. family... me with the tOP 6.. hahaha..

Leong yuet yin (secretary) Lam jer renn ( bendahari)

when the senior pass down their post.. it was seriously the FUN-NEST time in my high skul life.. as we are in charge of the whole school.. SUPER DUPER stressful.. SUPER LOTS OF PROBLEM.. everything got mistake.. we;ll be blame.. and yes.. THATS THE FUN PART!! seeing my fren chairing meetings.. scolding juniors.. teaching them.. advising them.. i seriously learn alot from them.. i was the LEMBAGA SPOTCHECK for that year.. with STEVEN leading the board with the help of CHRISTINA.. i;ve learn alot from them.. especially STEVEN SOON ENG HUAT.. he was such a great spotcheck member.. SO DAMN SHARP.. so fast.. his eyes so Chun.. precise and accurate.. since that day onwards.. i was with him.. learning his skills.. technique.. and i was beginning to be sharper form time to time.. and finally i was ON PAR With him.. CHEH.. syok sendiri.. where can be on par with him lar.. HAHA!!

STEVEN and I..

plus one of our junior.. one of the top5.. the treasurer..

Spotcheck board is really fun.. dunno how is not now.. but our year was the BOOM!! we have commited juniors as well.. they ALWAYS kena from us.. we bully them to the MAX.. but thats part of wat we supposed to do.. becuase if we do not bully them.. the will not learn!! but seriously... they imporved alot under steven.. and guess wat.. the 3 we trained so hard is the top 5 now..ALL OUR HARD WORK!! and non of them take over steven.. all go away from the board.. shall i say BRILLIANT or USELESS ARSHhOLES?? haizz... hahahaha

Us seniors and THEM juniors.. well now the can smile.. they wont be like that when are are scolding them.. or lecturing them.. hahah.. esp when BIN scold.. SILENT!!! =D

miss those time we have together.. CHICKEN DANCE... PARA PARA SAKURA... those were our favourite dance.. one day must meet up and DANCE WEI!! hahahahaah.. then join britain got talent.. sry sry.. MALAYSIA got talent.. :D:D

the prefectorial board really thought me alot of stuffs.. too much to be mentioned here.. i would like again to THANK everyone who supported me and helped me throughout my life as a prefect.. THANK U VERY MUCH!! =D

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