Saturday, May 16, 2009

BIA!! (back in action)

yo yo yo wats up wats up subang jaya?? hahah..familiar anybody?? lol.. anyway.. i noe u guys miss me.. sorry lar.. went through some BAD days wei.. or rather MISERABLE days.. it all started since wednesday!! 13 MAY 2009.. DROVE TO COLLEGE!! like hero.. even though sick.. still drive.. so i thought i "MACHO" la.. thought i can tahan until 2 oclock.. mana tahu.. break time.. cannot tahan balik rumah.."san fu" man.. got to DRIVE somemore.. haha.. pay RM4 for PARKING WEI!! and chow at abt 11.. wasted man.. anyway.. i was NYAWA NYAWA ikan since then until yesterday..*fuyoh bm so chun.. dunno why i get B.. haizz*

in 3 days!! i went to clinic TWICE and hospital ONCE!! brilliant.. haha.. 1st time went clinic.. doc gave some medication.. not helping much.. so i went again on friday.. doc say..better go hospital for blood test.. check see got anything or not..i was HUH?!?!?!? BLOOD TEST??!?!? NOW??!?!?!hello.. i;m not feeling well.. dun make me WORst!?!?!?! hahaha.. so he wrote the letter.. and i;ve got to go..cuase he say suspect DENGUE.. haiz.. so went to the hospital nurse check me and waited so long for the fella to SUCK out my blood.. ouch man.. haha.. results will onli be out after 1 hour.. THANK GOD!! nothing is wrong.. everything is fine..just got some viral infection.. PHEW!!! so doc gave me some medication.. and after i eat.. I TELL U!! TERUS JADI SUPERMAN WEI!!! seriously.. felt so alive!!! from nyawa nyawa ikan = hidup hidup ikan wei..but of course after one long sleep lar.. haha..

today.. fever all gone liao.. but still got SORE THROAT.. that wan seriously killing me man.. super irritating.. and also.. today went temple to pray for my granny.. 100days d... gosh.. time FLIES.. still remember wat happend at her funeral.. darn.. memories... again.. sob sob..

anyway guys.. I:M BACK!! LOL!!!!

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