Friday, June 19, 2009

3 hours of BADMINTON!!!!!!

ahh todays college was normal.. as usual i was the photographer and guess wat!!!! i realised i took almost 500 pictures!!!! sorry pei wern.. gave u the trouble.. heheheheheehe...hopefully i;ll still be able to borrow ur camera in the future?? hahaahaha..i personally think that our class is full of candid photos and lack of CLASS photo.. or rather GROUP photo... hmmm... maybe i should ask them to be in a group or something.. hahaha

anyway it was until bio that i started thinking about BADMINTON!!! as it was presentation.. YES THE WAN THAT I SCREWED!! so i was half listening and half day dreaming.. almost 3.. i was looking at my watch for several times.. wondering wat time will teacher let us go.. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK... FINALLY ITS 3!!!! but still got one persone not yet present finish.. ARGH!!! stress...but not long after that she finished and i ZOOM!!! phew.. BOOM!!! disappear.. LOL!!!

rushed to my car grab my stuffs find sai cheong and OFF WE GO!!! yuee jhian introduce us one place.. in USJ 23.. no doubt it was cheap.. but sc NEVER wan to go back there again.. hahahah... well his car got kissed at the back.. DAMN LOUD AND SCARY MAN!!! lucky the guy was honest and paid him on the spot.. hahaha... anyway.. badminton was AWESOME!!! jhian said i enjoy alot.. WAS I?? lol.. thought i was suffering running here and there chasing for drop shots and trying hard to return smashes??? hahahahah... seriously.. her fren.. yu xin is like GOD LIKE!!! SC and i couldn;t even smell him.. darn.. our badminton skills really SUCK rite??

ahh.. PARENTS TEACHERS MEETING tomorrow... how how how?? i wonder wat Miss Banu Mr Yap Miss Soh Miss Tan Miss Param will say about me man..well i think the normal wan.. TALKATIVE!!! NAUGTHY!!! haha.. sure wan lar that wan.. some might say.. COME LATE!!! other than that should be okay GUA... results somemore so teruk.. sure kena wan lar tmr.. see how lar... HAHAHA!!!

W I S H M E L U C K!!

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